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Spring Break for Global Networking Online Group Practice

【Announcement of Spring New Year Break for True Buddha School Global Networking Online Group Practice】

Auspiciousness to all masters, reverends, Dharma Instructors, Dharma Assistants, fellow disciples, and everyone! Amitofo! Happy New Year!

Our thanks to everyone for your support of online group practice.

As many Dharma spreading personnel will attend the upcoming grand Spring Ceremony, and many cultivation venues are busy with Dharma activities during the New Year period, online group cultivation will take a two-week break from 1st to15th of the 2020 lunar year and resume after the Lantern Festival. That is, the normal online cultivation schedule will resume on Feb. 10 of the solar calendar.

We wish everyone good health in the new year! May your aspirations be fulfilled! May all your affairs be auspicious! May you take your cultivation up to a higher level!

Best Regards,
True Buddha Foundation Education Department

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