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True Buddha Foundation Education Department Debuts True Buddha School Online Buddhism Education

【Edu #20190014:True Buddha Foundation Education Department Debuts True Buddha School Online Buddhism Education】
The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Education Department upholds the teaching of True Buddha School (TBS) Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-Sheng to ''Honor the Guru, Treasure the Dharma, Practice Diligently'' as the principle, and ''awaken the mind, see the Buddha-nature, and attain the liberation of birth and death'' as the purpose. The extraordinary educational mode of Online Buddhism Education, which breaks the limitations of space and time, officially commences on Jan 1, 2020.

With utmost respect and sincerity, the TBF Education Department has created the True Buddha Education Website and initiated TBS Online Buddhism Education. Our primary goal is to promote Buddhadharma and enlighten one's buddha wisdom so that True Buddha disciples will gain deeper understanding of TBS and its precious Dharma teachings and practices. In this way, we will ensure that True Buddha Tantric Dharma endures for all time.

The TBF Education Department hopes that True Buddha disciples worldwide will use their personal computers or smartphones to sign in and register on the True Buddha Education Website, select and study the TBS Introductory Course, and eventually progress to a full understanding of the profound secret of True Buddha Tantric Dharma!

The TBS Introductory Course includes theoretical study (5 sessions) as well practical study (1 session):
Lessen 1: Questions and Answers for New Disciples
Lessen 2: Introduction to Living Buddha Lian-sheng
Lessen 3: Introduction to True Buddha School
Lessen 4: Understanding True Buddha Precepts
Lessen 5: Introduction to True Buddha Tantric Dharma Practices
Lessen 6: Cultivation of True Buddha Tantric Dharma Practices

We hereby call on TBS disciples worldwide to register for the TBS Introductory Course at This course is the foundation on which one builds knowledge of TBS.

True Buddha Tantric Dharma has wonders and mysteries that are worth studying and exploring together!

Best Regards,
True Buddha Foundation Education Department

Translated by the True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Jian Zhu
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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