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Global Networking Online Group Practice of The Four Preliminaries Practice

True Buddha School Global Networking Online Group Practice Set to Increase Scheduling of Vajrasattva Group Practice.

New Aspirations for the New Year! Effective January 6, 2020, True Buddha School (TBS) Global Networking Online Group Cultivation will add the Vajrasattva Four Preliminaries Practice to the group practice schedule.

The Four Preliminaries Practice is the basic and most important practice of Vajrayana Buddhism and is the foundation of all spiritual attainment. Those entering the Vajrayana path should cultivate the Four Preliminaries Practice from the outset of their practice.

In addition to being a repentance practice, the Four Preliminaries Practice eradicates all karmic transgressions from beginningless time, increases one's blessings and wisdom, and strengthens a practitioner's bodhicitta to be as firm as a vajra. One quickly accomplishes the path of accumulation, the path of preparation, and attains spiritual union with one's personal deity, buddhas, and bodhisattvas.

If you are new disciples, are unfamiliar with the sadhanas of spiritual practice, don't know how to cultivate, or simply desire to practice together with a group to experience the collective mind power of a group practice, you are welcome to participate in the TBS Global Networking Online Group Practice Monday through Friday by connecting to the YouTube channel below. Your participation increases positive energy worldwide and will enable you and all participants to bathe in Dharma joy.

TBS Global Networking Online Group Practice YouTube Channel:

Please see practice schedule table below: (Four Preliminaries are indicated in blue)

Translated by the True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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