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Hymning Workshop

[Education Workshop # 20190011: True Buddha Buddhist Hymning Workshop - Announcement of Traveling Global Workshops]
Gentle and elegant Buddhist hymning not only resonates throughout heavenly realms above and in the hearts of sentient beings below, it also gives rise to the listeners' pure faith in Buddhism. The sound profoundly impacts spiritual cultivation and the salvation of sentient beings.

According to the Avataṃsaka Sutra, ''The pure and subtle sound of Buddhist hymning propagates the supreme True Dharma, bringing joy and happiness to those who hear it and enabling them to attain the wonderful path of purity.''

Grandmaster has taught us that ''By focusing one's mind entirely on hymning, one enhances one-pointedness and spiritual concentration. Hymning, when well-tuned and performed in harmony, creates a majestic atmosphere. As one's mind follows the hymning, one's spirit becomes focused and one is no longer distracted by wandering thoughts.''

Wooden fish, bells, singing bowls, inkin bells, and so forth are some of the Dharma instruments which accompany hymning. Grandmaster has been encouraging disciples to play these accompanying instruments in tune and in harmony during the performance of hymning. Then, and only then, will hymning engage the listener. During hymning, one must hear with one's ears and the hymning must impress upon one's heart. One reaches accomplishment when attaining a state of one-pointed concentration while hymning.

Using pure Buddhist hymning to cultivate meditation and wisdom, save sentient beings, and carry out Buddhist activities is one of the sacred missions of the True Buddha School (TBS). To elevate the standard of Buddhist hymning throughout TBS cultivation venues, the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Education Department is fully engaged in organizing and formally launching basic hymning workshops for disciples.

TBF is honored to invite Master Lianwei from Wai Der Buddhist College in Taiwan to conduct the upcoming hymning workshop. To ensure a high quality learning experience for participants, workshop classes will be limited to no more than 30 participants. Classes will be held at various locations depending on the country of cultivation venue and the number of participants.

TBS cultivation venues are encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to enhance Buddhist hymning knowledge and technique. We welcome each cultivation venue to nominate two highly qualified personnel to participate in this upcoming hymning workshop initiative!

Registration Details:
  1. Participants: Each cultivation venue may nominate two outstanding members for participation in this activity. Participants must self prepare the following Dharma instruments: a singing bowl, an inkin bell, and a wooden fish.
  2. Instructor: Master Shi Lianwei
  3. Max. students per class: 30
  4. Course content: Basic Buddhist hymning (kindly refer to course outline)
  5. Workshop dates, schedules, and locations: TBF will announce pertinent planning information when the total number of applicants per region is available.
  6. Performance assessment: Participant performance will be assessed during workshop classes. Participants who successfully pass the assessment will receive an Achievement Certificate. Participants who successfully complete beginning level classes will be eligible to enroll in advanced classes such as Various Types of Repentance Practices, Advanced Buddhist Hymning, and so forth.
  1. Kindly register at the following link:
  2. Registration deadline: February 15, 2020
For further information, kindly email TBF Education Department at:

Best Regards,
True Buddha Foundation
Education Department

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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