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Winners of Our Hearts in Accord with Grandmaster's Event

We would like to thank disciples worldwide for their participation in this event! Every picture and text from everyone's sincere heart moved us one after another! We were touched by the heartfelt reflections of disciples on Grandmaster's written works. It was also amazing to see the collections of Grandmaster's corpus in their homes!

More than 300 entries were received from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong (HK), Singapore, United States (USA), Canada, England, Brazil, Romania, etc. Every entry was a gift of love, and this made it difficult to choose the winners! Therefore, we will also send a secret gift to those not chosen, because every entry was truly outstanding. We appreciate your participation!!

Below are the winning contestants (in order of submission date):

10 Excellence Award Winners
5 Lianhua Zhaolong (蓮花兆隆,Malaysia)
13 Yuan Kaixin (源凱欣, HK)
15 Lianhua Qinghua (蓮花青樺, Taiwan)
65 Richard Setiawan(Indonesia)
72 Chang Tzuhui (張慈暉, USA)
254 Shi Liangong(釋蓮觥, Taiwan)
257 Lianhua Yuming (蓮花裕明, HK)
259 Lianhua Yitung (蓮花藝桐, Malaysia)
289 Lan Yueci (藍悅慈, Taiwan)
315 Li Weihao (李偉豪,Malaysia)
10 Honorable Mention Award Winners
9 Liang Ziying (梁資迎,Malaysia)
22 Liu Yingjiun(劉盈君, Taiwan)
45 Huang Shuqing(黃秀卿,Malaysia)
120 Gao Limian(高麗棉, USA)
141 Chen Yunshuang(陳韻霜,Malaysia)
143 Zheng Huimin(鄭慧敏,Malaysia)
236 Ade Sagita(Indonesia)
283 Lianhua Jiqian(蓮花姞蒨, Taiwan)
285 Mo Baoyan(莫寶燕, Brazil)
314 Zhang Lihua(張麗樺,Malaysia)
Congratulations to the winning disciples!

Concerning awards, TBF Publications will contact winners by email. If a winning participant does not receive an email from TBF Publications within a month, please contact to avoid any further delay.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf
Source: TBF
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