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Devoting June 20, 2019 to Our Beloved Grandmaster!

On May 18 of the lunar calendar (June 20, 2019), the birthday of our Root Lineage Guru, True Buddha Foundation (TBF) is calling on True Buddha School (TBS) disciples and cultivation venues to chant the Amitayus Mantra for Buddha to Stay in the World. Dedicate the merit of your mantra recitation to extend our Root Lineage Guru's stay in the world. In addition to longevity and good health, may Grandmaster forever turn the Dharma wheel and save sentient beings!

In a lifetime of more than 70 years, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng has devoted the best years of his life to his disciples and all sentient beings. On his birthday, we disciples are also willing to devote our time to Grandmaster.

In Grandmaster's new Book 272, Immerse Yourself in the Divine Light, Between the Lines of Q&A, Amitayus Buddha remarked, ''Many of your disciples have prayed for your longevity and health!'' This remark reveals that TBS disciples, by their continuous chanting of the Amitayus Mantra for Buddha to Stay in the World, have touched the heart of Amitayus Buddha!

On May 25, 2019, in a discourse given during a group practice at Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple (LSCTT), Grandmaster mentioned that Golden Mother of the Jade Pond indicated that, because of disciples prayers for Grandmaster Buddha to stay in the world, Grandmaster's lifespan will be extended a few years more. Grandmaster was deeply touched by this and expressed his great appreciation for everyone's effort in reciting the Amitayus Mantra to prolong his stay in the world and endlessly turn the Dharma wheel. Although lifespan is difficult to alter, Grandmaster will do his best to make it happen!

Disciples' sincere mantra chanting has moved Grandmaster's heart and earned Grandmaster's words that he will do his best to lengthen his lifespan. Grandmaster's having this thought is indeed the great good fortune of sentient beings! This gives disciples hope!

From the same article mentioned above, we can also see that Grandmaster was motivated. Grandmaster asked Amitayus, ''What conditions must be met to receive the blessing of longevity?'' Amitayus replied, ''No one can avoid death, no one. However, lifespan may be extended under the following three conditions:
  1. One still has responsibilities to fulfill.
  2. One seeks a longer life.
  3. One receives blessing from the supreme consciousness.
In other words, extending one's lifespan requires will, effort, and grace.''

Will! Will! Will! Shouldn't disciples collectively concentrate their efforts to inspire Grandmaster's will to extend his life? On this holy day, TBS Root Lineage Guru Dharma King Lian-sheng's birthday, the day he descended to the saha world, let us, with all our mind and effort, deeply and collectively call out to Grandmaster! Let us deeply pray to Amitayus! Let's supplicate Grandmaster to make our prayers become his will. We, the disciples, pray for Grandmaster's long life and good health. May Grandmaster always turn the Dharma wheel to save sentient beings!

Let's all devote this day of our life to Grandmaster by chanting the Amitayus Mantra for Grandmaster Buddha to stay in the world. May the mantra resonate throughout the world, penetrate the clouds, and reach the heart of Grandmaster and Amitayus Buddha! May our prayers to prolong a legend be realized!

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf
Source: TBF
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