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Grandmaster and Shimu Receive a Warm Welcome Home!!

With Springtime Flowers Blossoming, Grandmaster and Shimu Receive a Warm Welcome Home


Seattle has been enjoying clear skies and good weather over the past few days. Not only has the weather been bright and sunny, our mood has been happy and upbeat. The reason for the excitement is that on May 5, after six months of separation, Grandmaster and Shimu finally returned home to Seattle. In honour of this special day, the Lord of Heaven granted cool and pleasant weather conditions with pristine air quality that could only be described as fresh, pure, and clean.

In anticipation of Grandmaster and Shimu's arrival, numerous disciples and Dharma propagation personnel from the US and Canada drove to the airport bright and early to greet them. Everyone waited eagerly, paying close attention to the arrival of Grandmaster and Shimu's flight, hoping that the next appearance at the arrival gate would be Grandmaster and Shimu, whom they had dearly missed.

As usual, time passes slowly when one is waiting. Finally, as everyone waited anxiously, a familiar silhouette known to all for his kindness and compassion appeared. At that moment, the crowd of disciples cheered enthusiastically and were overcome with emotion. Everyone was overjoyed to see that Grandmaster and Shimu, who were looking quite healthy, had arrived home safely.

Grandmaster and Shimu gave a warm greeting to the crowd of disciples. Notably, Grandmaster and Shimu's children, Foqing and Foqi, along with their families, were also present to welcome them home. Grandmaster and Shimu took turns hugging all their family members. They gave an especially warm embrace to their grandchildren, Luhong and Lujun, and were delighted to see them growing and looking healthy. As Grandmaster and Shimu reunited with their family members, one could not help but be touched by the deep love and affection they have for one another.

Disciples walked together with Grandmaster and Shimu to the parking garage. Although they had just finished a long and tiring flight, Grandmaster and Shimu were still brimming with life and positive energy. They waved goodbye to the crowd, thus perfectly concluding this heartfelt welcome home party.


Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: LSCTT
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