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Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Ceremony


Date and Time: Apr. 28, 2019, Sunday, 2:00 PM
Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Empowerment: Natural Disaster Eradication Tara

Live Webcast Link:

Ceremony Organizer: Dayi Temple
Organizer Address : 16F.-6, No.206, Guanghua 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Organizer TEL.:07- 2232045 0920824587 0921261280 FAX.: 07-2239847
Organizer Email :

【Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Mudra:】

The right hand displays a Fearless Mudra with the palm facing outwards. The left hand forms a Bowl Holding Mudra with the palm facing upwards.

【Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Seed Syllable:】 Dung

【Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Mantra:】
Om, da-lie, dou-da-lie, dou-lie, ma-ma, sha-er-wa, ye-ye-ma-ha, ha-na-ba-ya, xin-deng-mu, gu-ru, soha.

【Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Invocation Praise Verse:】

Atop a wondrous lotus
A great majestic karma vajra
Brilliant radiance in all directions
Completely eradicates natural disasters
A Dharma that saves sentient beings
While protecting the country
Take refuge in the Natural Disaster Eradication Buddha Mother
And pay homage before the throne

【Natural Disaster Eradication Tara Visualization:】
A ''dung'' syllable in a moon disc upon a lotus transforms into a green Natural Disaster Eradication Tara. Her right hand displays the Fearless Mudra. Her left hand holds an utpala. Above the utpala is a vajra cross symbolizing subjugation of all evil, enmity, and hindrances. Her right leg extends outward symbolizing her great compassion of saving sentient beings by staying in the three realms. Her left leg is bent inwards to symbolize that she abides in the wisdom of emptiness. Clothed in celestial garments and adorned with precious jewels, she sits on a lotus platform. Moonlight radiates from behind her back. Amitabha is her crown ornament.

Visualize the vajra cross atop the lotus held in Tara's left hand radiating intense white light that shines on one, one's residence, one's country, or a region. Whatever area the pure light shines on, natural disasters caused by earth, water, fire, and wind are entirely eradicated, and all the earth and lands within become pure and bright.
Source: Dayi Temple
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