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Debut Transmission of Machig Labdron Practice, Grand Jihai Year Spring Blessing Homa Ceremony

【Announcement of Ceremony】

Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple respectfully requests Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng to preside over the Feb. 23, 2019 Machig Labdron Grand Jihai Year Spring Blessing Homa Ceremony
(Live Webcast Link: or

【Day of the Ceremony】
Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng will debut transmission and bestow empowerment of Machig Labdron Personal Deity, Chod, and Troma Nakmo (the Black Wrathful Dakini) Practices.
Bestowal of ordination precepts, lay bodhisattva vows and marriage blessing.
Date: Feb. 23, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple

【Machig Labdron Mudra:】

Interlace the fingers of both hands inwards. Place the middle fingers upright touching and point the index fingers apart. Touch the thumbs lightly against the middle fingers. Hold the mudra in front of your chest.

【Machig Labdron Seed Syllable:】

【Machig Labdron Mantra:】

「Om。 ban-za。 ma-ji-la, xia-xia。hum。 hum。 pei。」

【Machig Labdron Dharmalaksama Brief Introduction】

(extracted from written works and dharma discourses of Living Buddha Lian-sheng)
Machig Labdron, also known as Ladronma, is the founder of the Joyul Sect, a branch of Vajrayana. The Joyul Sect is also called the Shichepa (zhi byed-pa) School. She is the 2nd-generation disciple and Buddha Mother of the great Indian adept Bodhidharma, called in Tibetan Padampa Sangye. Machig Labdron is one of the few female practitioners in Tibet to have attained Buddhahood.

Joyul means cutting off, that is, cutting off afflictions. Afflictions are the root cause of confusion, karma, and the cycle of birth and death. One relies on bodhicitta to end selfish thoughts, cuts through grasping at the saha world by the view of emptiness, and annihilates the four demons through the common practices. The Joyul Sect taught the elimination of self-grasping through the realization of the empty nature and attainment of liberation by eliminating the root of suffering and afflictions.

Machig Labdron is also the founder of the Chod Practice of Tibetan Vajrayana. Chod teaches that everyone should make offerings. One must see through one's body, and give all of one's bodily possessions and even the body itself as a sacrifice for all sentient beings. One sacrifices oneself for the benefit of the 10 dharma realms and as an offering to the three evil realms. This idea of sacrifice is the doctrine of no-self. Chod is ''selflessness''.

This practice is:
Generation of bodhicitta.
Total renunciation and offering of the self.
Annihilation of egotistic greed, anger, and ignorance.

As a result of this practice, one easily reaches complete accumulation, realizes no-self, and attains accomplishment of the empty nature.
The key cultivation formulas of this practice are the Great Perfection.
The greatest sacrifice leads to the greatest reward.
A wonderful dharma opportunity that is rarely encountered!

Everyone is welcome to attend and support this ceremony, be benefitted by this darma event, and bathe in the buddhas' loving kindness!

Online registration for the ceremony at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple:
For a description of the registration process:
To apply for lay bodhisattva vows and marriage blessing:
(Download registration forms, online registration)
After completing registration please email directly to:

Note: Applicants for lay bodhisattva vows and marriage blessing must apply no later than Feb. 16.

Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple website:
Transportation and lodging:

Source: Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple
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