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The 2019 Dharma Instructor Selection Rules

The 2019 Dharma Instructor Selection Rules
( These rules are in accordance with the ''Regulations Governing Dharma Instructors and Dharma Assistants'' in the True Buddha School (TBS) By-laws.)
  1. Registration Deadline
    Not later than Jan. 18, 2019 Seattle Time. True Buddha Foundation (TBF) will not process applications received after this date.
  2. Registration Location
    TBF office in Seattle or Taiwan
    1. Seattle Address: True Buddha Foundation, Seattle Office, 7110 NE 40th Court, Redmond, WA 98052, U.S.A.
      Tel: 1(425) 885-7573    Fax: 1(425) 883-2173
    2. Taiwan Address: True Buddha Foundation, Taiwan Office, 54264 No. 100, LianSheng Lane, Shanjiao Village, Tsao-Tun Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, 54264, R.O.C.
      TEL: +886-49-2312992    FAX: +886-49-2350801
  3. Registration Method
    1. If there is a local Vajrayana Association or Vajrayana Buddhist Council (Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia), applicants must mail the 11 documents listed below in the ''V. Registration Documents'' to the local Vajrayana Association/Vajrayana Buddhist Council prior to Jan. 10, 2019. The local Vajrayana Association/Vajrayana Buddhist Council will assist in collecting and submitting all registration documentation to TBF offices no later than Jan. 18, 2019.
    2. Where there is no Vajrayana Association/Vajrayana Buddhist Council, the letter of recommendation from the organization is not required. Applicants are requested to submit the other 10 documents listed in the ''V. Registration Documents'' to TBF offices prior to Jan. 18, 2019.
    3. Email:
  4. Requirements for Applicants
    1. Applicant must currently serve as a dharma assistant and have served as such for more than three years.
    2. Applicant must be recommended by the cultivation venue. A cultivation venue may recommend a maximum of one candidate for dharma instructor selection.
    3. Applicant must be the dharma assistant of the recommending cultivation venue.
    4. Applicant must be less than 60 years of age.
    5. Practice and recitation prerequisites for applicants (must have completed all of the following):
      1. 100,000 practices of Great Homage
      2. 100,000 recitations of the Fourfold Refuge Mantra
      3. 1,000,000 recitations of the Root Guru Heart Mantra
      4. 100,000 recitations of a dharma protector's mantra (applicant to choose the appropriate dharma protector.)
  5. Registration Documents
    1. Dharma Instructor Application Form
      Must be filled out with two photos attached. Dharma Instructor Application Forms may be downloaded from the following website:
    2. Letter of Recommendation from cultivation venue.
      1. Must be written on official stationery of the cultivation venue.
      2. The heading of the official stationery must have the letterhead of the cultivation venue.
      3. The body of recommendation letter is the content of the recommendation from the board of directors of the cultivation venue. The content of the letter of recommendation must be approved by a resolution passed during a meeting of the board of directors.
      4. The concluding portion of the letter of recommendation must have the official seal of the cultivation venue and the signatures of the members of the board of directors.
    3. Letter of Recommendation from local Vajrayana association
      (This requirement can be omitted if there is no local Vajrayana association.)
    4. Applicants are required to file a report of their dharma affairs on a semi-annual basis.
    5. Letters of recommendation from two or more acharyas. Each recommendation letter must be written and signed by the recommending acharya. If there is an acharya residing at a given locality, at least one of the letters of recommendation submitted by the applicant must be written by the locally residing acharya. Note: ''Local'' means within the country.
    6. Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from one or more reverends of the cultivation venue. Each letter of recommendation must be written and signed by the reverend. This requirement can be omitted if the cultivation venue does not have a reverend.
    7. Record of Community Service
      An example of community service would be a record of service with the Lotus Light Charitable Foundation, a country, or a community.
    8. Tuberculosis Examination Record (must be negative)
    9. Hepatitis B Examination Record (must be negative)
    10. If the applicant has participated in a dharma assistant training class, Buddhadharma educational workshop, or like curriculum of study, applicant may provide a copy of the graduation certificate for reference.
    11. Book Essay
      Required word count and theme of essay:
      1. The word count of each essay should be 1,000-2000 words. The essay must note the relevant book title.
      2. Following is a list of Grandmaster's written works, divided into 12 categories. Applicant must select one book from this list as the theme of the book essay.
        1. Paranormal
          16, Encounters with the World of Spirits Vol. 1 (Book No, Book Name)
          19, Between Spirits and I
          20, Encounters with the World of Spirits Vol. 2
          21, The Super-sensory Capabilities of Souls
          22, The Study of Spirit Awakening
          24, Confession of the Spirits
          25, Confession of the Spirits, Sequel
          27, The World of Spirits
          34, The Secret of Reincarnation
          38, Spirits by Sheng-yen Lu
          39, Teachings from the Supreme Beings
        2. Esoteric Practices
          49, Lingxian Vajra Practices
          51, Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra
          54, Vajrayana Karma Practices
          55, Guide to Mahamudra
          56, The Great Perfection of Vajrayana
          63, Secrets of the True Buddha Sadhana
          68, The Esoteric Path of Tantric Visualization
          75, The Dharma of True Buddha Dharma
          81, True Buddha Liturgies
          114, Vajrayana Practices
        3. Poetry
          149, Moon in Water
          160, Dreams at Leaf Lake
          165, A Poetry Collection
          186, Lonesome Footprints
        4. Meaning of Dharma
          59, True Buddha Dharma Talks
          80, The Essence of Buddha Realization
          96, The Essential Living Buddha Lian-sheng
          102, Nectar of Dharma
          107, A Collection of Treasure Remarks
          122, Vajrayana Upadesa: Pith Instructions to Yogas of Spiritual Cultivation
          124, The Dharma Protector Behind
          154, The Aura of Wisdom
          156, Whispers of the Breeze
          161, Cool and Refreshing Thoughts
          167, Listening to the Inner Voice
          174, A Rainbow Arc
          209, Mystic Eyes
          214, The Sword of the Yogi
          216, Q&A from the Contemporary Dharma King Vol. 1
        5. Travel
          141, The Southern Pacific Longing
          143, The Empty Ocean of Life
          144, Searching for Another Sky
          162, Drifting in a Foreign Land
          175, A Traveling Monk
          189, Tales of Saints and Ghosts
          205, Illusion of the Alps
          210, The Rain Collection
          213, The Earth Collection
        6. Suchness
          182, The Unspoken Dharma
          184, Illuminating Your Heart
          188, A Bright Lamp for You
          192, Lamp of Utmost Brilliance
          195, Ancient Wisdom
          199, The Billowing Waves
          200, Pages of Enlightenment
          203, Conversing with the Lonesome Shadow
          207, Unlocking the Flower Koan
          208, Laughing Loudly Three Times
          217, Footprints on the Seashore
          221, Waltzing with Enlightenment
        7. Deliverance
          112, Vajra Protection
          148, The Power of Mantra
          163, Crossing the Ocean of Life and Death
          173, One Dream, One World
          181, Point Towards a Sunny Path
          198, The Game of Vajra Deva
          206, The Inconceivable Transcendental Power
        8. Taoism
          57, Legend of Tao
          61, The Wonderful Words of Taoism
          98, The Profound Treasury of the Dharma Ocean
        9. Geomancy
          29, Geomancy the Exploration and Mystery
          43, Earth Divination
          69, Household Fengshui
          73, Cryptic Meaning Behind Geomancy for Yin Residences
          78, Household Feng Shui II
        10. Jataka
          76, Nights of Phantom Lake
          228, Reincarnation of a Great Dharma King
        11. Discourse
          Sublime Words (Five Volumes)
          Accomplishment of Rainbow Body (Seven Volumes)
          Heart to Heart Talks (Eight Volumes)
          Comprehensive Buddhadharma (Four Volumes)
          Accomplishment of Rainbow Body II (Five Volumes
          Losing Heaven by Seeking Earth (One Volume)
          An Overview of Buddhadharma
          A Complete & Detailed Exposition on the True Buddha Tantric Dharma
          Exposition on True Buddha Sutra
          Buddha Discourse on Amitabha Sutra and the Essence of Amitabha
          The Supreme and Absolute Pure Light (Exposition on Heart Sutra)
          Perfect Purity (Exposition on The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment, Four Volumes)
          Sutra on the Root Vows of Ksitigarbha (Four Volumes)
          The Sword of Vajrayana Wisdom (Exposition on The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, 13 Volumes)
          Platform Scripture of the Sixth Patriarch
        12. Precepts and Cases
          214, The Sword of the Yogi
          258, Vicious Ghosts, the Untold Stories
          259, Interactions Between Grand Master Lu and Ghosts
          260, Key of Dharma Realms
          262, Ghosts and Deceptions
          263, She Devil, Unmask the Face of Devil
          264, Nothing Never Changes
          265, The Home Base of Ghosts
          266, Golden Wisdom
          267, The Ray of Divine Light
          268, Mount Dayin
          269, Transcendental Power Games
  6. Qualification Review
    Applicants must register in accordance with the rules outlined in 1-5 above. After applications are reviewed and approved by the TBF Core Committee, an admission ticket, dharma instructor/dharma assistant basic examination materials, and an examination flow chart will be issued to the applicants.
  7. 2019 Dharma Instructor Training Date and Location, and Date of Examination:
    1. USA
      Venue: Rainbow Temple
      Training date: June 17 (Mon.)
      Examination date: June 18 (Tue.)
    2. Indonesia
      Venue: Indonesia Lei Tsang Temple
      Training date: June 25 (Tue.)
      Examination date: June 26 (Wed.)
    3. Malaysia
      Venue: Prajna Lei Tsang Temple
      Training date : July 5 (Fri.)
      Examination date: July 6 (Sat.)
    4. Taiwan
      Venue: Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple
      Training date: July 13 (Sat.)
      Examination date: July 14 (Sun.)
  8. Language of Examination
    Chinese, English, Indonesian (Please select one of above)
  9. Scope of Examination
    75, The Dharma of True Buddha Dharma
    81, True Buddha Liturgies
    154, The Aura of Wisdom
    214, The Sword of the Yogi
    A Complete & Detailed Exposition on the True Buddha Tantric Dharma
    Basic examination materials for Dharma Instructors and Dharma Assistants (supplied to candidates by TBF)
  10. Examination Scoring Weight
    Written exam: 40 points
    Hymning: 20 points
    Interview: 30 points
    Book Essay: 10 points
  11. Dharma Instructor Term of Appointment
    1. A dharma instructor certificate is valid for 3 years.
    2. TBF will review dharma instructor qualifications every three years. There is no limit on the number of times a dharma assistant who passes each review may renew an appointment.
    3. A dharma instructor must serve at the originally recommending cultivation venue. Service at any other cultivation venue is not permitted.
    4. A dharma instructor is required to work together with the cultivation venue to promote dharma affairs and propagate the True Buddha dharma.
    5. The board of directors is authorized to terminate relations with a dharma instructor. Such termination of service must be passed by a resolution of the board of directors of the cultivation venue, and a written report provided to TBF for their review and reply. TBF will administer the notice of termination.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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