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2019 True Buddha School Dharma Propagating Personnel Selection Notice

2019 True Buddha School Dharma Propagating Personnel Selection Notification
(Selection of the 6th Term Dharma Assistants and 2019 Dharma Instructors)

【True Buddha Foundation News】
Following the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Core Committee meetings on ''Selection of 2019 True Buddha School (TBS) Dharma Assistants / Dharma Instructors'' held on September 13 and November 6, 2018, the following resolution was adopted:

TBF will host the TBS Dharma Assistant /Dharma Instructor Selection in 2019. There will be four examination centers; Seattle, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. Prior to the examination, there will be a training session for candidates. All candidates are required to attend this training as their performance during the training will be part of the assessment.

For 2019, the venue of each examination center along with training and examination dates for Dharma Assistant / Instructor selection are as follows:

Venue - Rainbow Temple
Training Date: June 17 (Mon)
Examination Date: June 18 (Tue)

Venue - Vihara Vajra Bumi Nusantara
Training Date: June 25 (Tue)
Examination Date: June 26 (Wed)

Venue - Persekuyuan Agama Buddha Tantrayana Chen Foh Chong Malaysia
Training Date: July 5 (Fri)
Examination Date: July 6 (Sat)

Venue - Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple
Training Date: July 13 (Sat)
Examination Date: July 14 (Sun)

Candidates must provide a letter of recommendation from a TBS chapter attesting that the applicant is suitable for the position and recommended for participation in the the selection process. Upon passing the given tests, the applicant shall be qualified as a True Buddha Dharma Assistant / Dharma Instructor. For other required qualifications, please refer to the ''Dharma Assistant / Dharma Instructor Application Form''.

Chapters intending to recommend applications of qualified candidates for Dharma Assistant should complete the Dharma Assistant Application Form and Questionnaire for Dharma Assistant Candidates and submit these forms with the letter of recommendation no later than January 18, 2019. Submissions will not be accepted after this date.

After completing the relevant application forms, which can be found in the TBSN Download Area, please mail them to the TBF office in Seattle or Taiwan. To help facilitate the vetting process, concurrently faxing or emailing the completed forms is highly recommended. Candidates from Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia please fax, email, or mail completed Dharma Assistant / Dharma Instructor Application Form to their local Vajrayana Association or Vajrayana Buddhist Council.

A detailed description of the selection rules can be found in the 2019 6th Term Dharma Assistant Selection Regulations and 2019 Dharma Instructor Selection Regulations.

Applicants approved by TBF to participate in the examination may download the Basic Learning Material for 2019 Dharma Assistant / Dharma Instructor Examination from the TBSN Download Area for reference and study.

Recent, important dharma discourses and books by Living Buddha Lian-sheng will also be a key element of the examination. As soon as the Dharma Activities Department has completed organization of this material, TBF will notify approved applicants of the location of this material on the tbsn website so it may be downloaded for study.

◎All cultivation venues are welcomed and encouraged to recommend one or two (a maximum of two) highly qualified applicants for Dharma Assistant.

◎Regarding dharma instructor selection, all applicants should be recommended by a cultivation venue. Each venue may recommend a maximum of one dharma assistant to take part in dharma instructor selection.

True Buddha Foundation
November 19, 2018

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Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Linda Poon
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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