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Rainbow Temple Twin Lotus Realm Consecration Ceremony

Rainbow Temple Twin Lotus Realm Consecration Ceremony

【TBS Rainbow Temple News】
On the morning of August 26, 2018, the weather at Rainbow Villa was cool, refreshing, and very pleasant. Colorful ribbons and balloons were dancing in the wind at Rainbow Temple's newly built columbarium, Twin Lotus Realm. In addition, beautiful different colored flowers, along with exquisite and abundant offerings, were displayed at the shrine. To everyone's delight, with Grandmaster's tremendous blessings, Shimu's compassionate guidance, and the combined effort and hard work of many others, the long anticipated Twin Lotus Realm columbarium was finally ready for consecration.

The crowd cheered as Grandmaster and Shimu removed the red cloth from Twin Lotus Realm. At the same time, firecrackers erupted and colorful balloons ascended high in the sky carrying with them the aspirations of those hoping to one day be blessed by interment in the new columbarium.

With his tremendous spiritual power, Grandmaster consecrated, blessed, purified and set boundary protection for the columbarium. The deities of the columbarium were invoked in high spirit, and peace and auspiciousness filled the shrine.

During his dharma discourse, Grandmaster first expressed gratitude for the construction of the columbarium to Master Lianqin, Dharma Instructor Lianying, and everyone else involved in its successful completion. Grandmaster then proceeded to state that each and every buddha and bodhisattva in the columbarium had been consecrated.

The ceremony was simple and solemn yet grand and full of radiance. Something worthy of a mention is that just before Grandmaster's mother passed away, Grandmaster asked whether she preferred to remain in Seattle or return to Taiwan. She replied that she wished to be interred in the Seattle columbarium. Therefore, her wish has come true. Along with Grandmaster's mother, the ossuaries of Grandmaster's grandparents and younger brother have also been transferred to the columbarium. Grandmaster expressed his gratitude to all those who helped make their dreams come true.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: TBSN
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