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The Torch for the 2018 Asian Games Held in Indonesia Coincidentally Brightens the Finding 1000-year Root Mission in Jambi

The Great Radiant Fire of the Torch for the 2018 Asian Games Held in Indonesia Coincidentally Served as a Prelude to the Finding 1000-year Root Mission in Jambi

《Reported by Taiwan True Buddha School News Agency in Jambi, Indonesia》
The Finding 1000-year Root mission unfolded over August 4-5 with Jambi as its first stop. Remarkably, the timing of this mission could not have been better as the torch relay parade of the 2018 Asian Games being held in Indonesia passed through Muaro Jambi on August 3, one day before the commencement of our root finding mission. The torch relay team went around the Buddhist stupa and made the handover in Jambi where our Finding 1000-year Root mission was due to take place. The relay not only marked the opening of the Asian Games, but also the commencement of our Find the Roots of 1,000 Years mission. The sheer coincidence of the perfect timing of the two events was truly inconceivable.

On the morning immediately after the organizing committee found out about the impending torch relay parade, Master Lianyue quickly organized a mobile squad for news coverage of the event. Upon arriving at the event site, Master Lianyue and the mobile squad found that local residents had already been lining the streets for hours to welcome the torch relay parade. Feeling extremely honored to be part of this historic event, the organizing committee took numerous photos of friendly local residents and children who were happy to pose in group photographs.

The opening ceremony kicked off at 9:00 a.m. with a welcoming dance and performances of traditional music. This was followed by the arrival of the organizers of the Asian Games. At the archway of the ancient Buddhist monument in Jambi, the Games torch was handed over to the Deputy Mayor of Jambi, Mr. Bambang Bayu Suseno, SP. MM. M. Si. The torch was accepted by his representative at the largest pagoda within the ancient monument, who then handed it over to the Mayor, Hj. Masnah Busyro, SE. This was followed by group photographs with local political dignitaries and a speech wishing Indonesia a successful Asian Games in 2018. There were around 40 foreign news outlets providing coverage and interviews on the scene. Indonesia last hosted the Asian Games in 1962. More than half a century later, the Games are being held in Indonesia again.

At the conclusion of the torch relay event, the mobile squad held a special interview with the government official in charge of the ancient monument, Mr. Iskandar M. Siregar, S.Si. Besides welcoming our team to Jambi in pursuit of our Finding the 1,000-year Root mission, he also explained the ancient monument's great historical significance to Asia. He expressed hope that visitors to the historical site would respect and protect this 1,000-year-old monument so it will be preserved for future generations.

Meanwhile, Tribun Jambi, a local media reporter, interviewed Master Lianyue regarding the upcoming TBS mission in Jambi. The local media was keenly interested in the mission and providing media coverage during the August 4 ?5 event.

Following the torch relay ceremony, Master Lianyue led the organizing committee's final inspection, investigation and planning exercises in support of the upcoming two-day activity at the Jambi monument. A drill was also carried out on the spot.

In preparation for this event, Master Lianyue and the organizing committee have engaged in non-stop planning from May to July of this year. In addition to discussions with event co-organizers, Master Lianyue and the organizing committee also arranged the complicated logistics of local volunteer training, necessary manpower, equipment needed for the event, and transportation of Buddhist instruments. To establish a magnificent image of TBS, the team made every effort to perfectly prepare for all the event activities.

Regarding the 1,000-year Root Seeking mission in the ancient city of Jambi, Master Lianyue seized the opportunity to share an important concept with fellow disciples: each and every brick of the ancient monument boasts the glory of the thousand-year or more historical development of Buddhism in the region. Master Lianyue hoped that pilgrims and tourists visiting this monument would treasure each and every one of the bricks, and would refrain from standing, sitting, or placing objects on bricks. Moreover, she hoped no one would arbitrarily take photographs while standing on the monument bricks. Rather, visitors to the monument should be respectful and safeguard it for future generations, because after all, the monument is a symbol of the glory of Buddhism. We wish to express our gratitude to all participants in this event. May you all be blessed with dharma joy.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: True Buddha News
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