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One Achieves Spiritual Attainment When Returning to the Consciousness of the Universe

One Gains Spiritual Attainment When One Returns to the Consciousness of the Universe Resulting from the Mahottara Heruka Practice

【Reported by Seattle LSCTT】
At 3:00 pm on July 22, 2018, with reverence, Dharma King Lineage Root Guru Lian-sheng was invited to Rainbow Villa in Seattle, U.S.A to preside over a Mahottara Heruka Grand Homa Ceremony. Following the homa ceremony, the master of ceremonies announced that out of mercy and compassion, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng would bestow blessings to everyone present to eliminate illnesses over a five minute recitation of the Mahottara Heruka mantra. Disciples present at the scene were extremely moved and everyone felt Grandmaster's powerful blessings.

After the blessing, Grandmaster discoursed that as an emanation of Primordial Buddha, Mahottara Heruka is also called Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes. The top part of Mahottara's symbol is a circle with a dot inside. The dot, which symbolizes the totality of all buddhas, represents the Primordial Buddha. The lower part of the symbol looks like ''川, chuan.'' This ''chuan'' symbolizes the net of great illusion and all things manifested. The extraordinary Mahottara Heruka has five attainments, namely in the areas of body, speech, mind, merit, and karma. In addition, Perfect Dharma Characters, the Tantra of Mind, Endless Vows and Infinite Illusory Bodies, and the Great Meritorious Net of Illusion are dharma practices belonging to Mahottara Heruka.

Mahottara Mudra is similar to a pyramid. According to Grandmaster, the mudra is symbolic in nature. A dot on the tip of the pyramid symbolizes the consciousness of the universe. Sentient beings originally came from this dot. As one gains attainment in spiritual cultivation, one returns to this point. ''When we gain spiritual attainment, we will return to that primordial point. This is because we originated from this point.'' On the back side of a one U.S. dollar bill, one finds a pyramid with an eye. This symbolizes precisely Mahottara Heruka.

As explained by Grandmaster, when one cultivates the Mahottara Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes Practice, one needs to visualize one's third eye and an eye at the back of the brain looking at each other. Then visualize an eye at one's crown chakra and an eye at one's root chakra looking at each other. This forms a cross. There is an eye at each shoulder, one on each knee and on the sole of each hand and foot. These pairs of eyes are all looking at each other. Eventually, there are eyes all over the body looking at each other. Grandmaster explained that the Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes Practice should be cultivated in a darkened room where there is no light whatsoever. Eventually, there is an eye in every pore radiating light. ''Visualize a buddha in each pore and finally there are buddhas all over the practitioner's body. When one has eyes all over one's body, one's body radiates light and when this occurs, one is said to have returned to the primordial point.''

Next, Grandmaster discoursed on Lamdre. Grandmaster explained the key points to open one's crown chakra and the way to stimulate Bodhi Moon Fluid to drip. As the inner fire is lifted to the brow point, visualize a thousand-petaled lotus at one's brow point. Visualize the solidified Bodhi Moon Fluid melting like a spider web or dripping like a string of pearl shaped tears in the presence of the energy from the inner fire.

The condition of one's drops and inner fire merging together gives rise to the opening of one's five chakras or seven chakras. When this happens, one experiences supernatural powers and great dharma bliss. Grandmaster emphasized that in contrast to the short-lived blissfulness experienced by worldly, mundane human beings, this type of great dharma bliss that occurs as qi travels along one's central channel is long-lasting and enduring. At this very moment, one's mind (wisdom) stops in the midst of the void. ''This kind of wisdom is referred to as the non-differentiation wisdom. When mind is in the void, the wisdom is full of spirituality. I especially love this kind of extensive wisdom of one's mind dwelling in the void of non-differentiation.''

Following the splendid and precious dharma discourse, out of mercy and compassion, Grandmaster bestowed the empowerment for Mahottara Uncommon Practice (including illness eradication and blessing, and refuge empowerment) to everyone present. The ceremony thus ended perfectly and auspiciously.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: David Harris and DJ Chang
Source: LSCTT
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