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True Buddha Tantra Authenticated Through Diligent Practice

True Buddha Tantra Authenticated Through Diligent Practice - Sariras Were Discovered in the Cremains of Master Lianjue (蓮蹻上師)

【Reported by Lianhua Songyin / True Buddha (HK) News Agency】
On June 1, 2018, Master Lianjue, abbot of Benjing Cultivation Association (HK) and principal of Hong Kong True Buddha News Agency, passed away in Malaysia during a dharma propagation mission. Master Lianjue was subsequently delivered to the buddha pure land Maha Twin Lotus Ponds by Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

Master Lianjue was cremated on June 5, 2018 followed by a ceremony conducted by Master Liantai, President of True Buddha School Vajrayana Association in Malaysia. While preparing Master Lianjue's body prior to cremation, disciples, close friends, and family members noticed that his countenance and color were peaceful and calm as if he was sleeping. While he was being dressed, his joints and limbs were not cold and stiff as if deceased, but were soft and flexible as a living person. At that moment, we could feel these were auspicious signs manifested by the buddhas and bodhisattvas to show that Master Lianjue had been delivered to the pure land.

The following day, we proceeded to collect his cremains. We had little experience in this because the law in Hong Kong prohibits the public from personally collecting the cremated remains of a deceased person. We therefore relied on the kind assistance of Master Jingxiang to identify body parts such as the skull, hand bones, leg bones, and so forth. Of particular interest was the discovery and identification of sariras, including sarira flowers.

In Master Lianjue's cremains, we discovered multi-colored particles as well as clusters of sariras that were gold, silver, black and aquamarine in color. We also observed white coral-shaped sariras. Master Jingxiang pointed out that vajra sariras were present in Master Lianjue's cremains as well. Although heartbroken by Master Lianjue's sudden passing, our mood became calmer upon hearing that sariras were discovered in his cremains, proving his attainment in dharma cultivation.

After returning to Hong Kong, we engaged a professional photographer to take photographs of Master Lianjue's sariras. On June 26, together with Master Lianjue's family member, Dharma Sister Zhao Shunhao, we made a special trip to Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple in Seattle to pay Grandmaster a visit and show him photographs of Master Lianjue's sariras. Upon seeing the pictures and the report letter, Grandmaster joyfully exclaimed, ''Master Lianjue is in the buddha pure land! The sariras in the photographs are indeed genuine and are authentication of True Buddha Tantra.''

We were inexpressibly consoled and happy to hear Grandmaster personally state that Master Lianjue is in the pure land and to receive his signed verification of this. We were also thrilled to receive Grandmaster's confirmation of Master Lianjue's authentic accomplishment by cultivating the True Buddha Tantra.

Dharma Sister Zhao recalled that Master Lianjue once mentioned to her that in the future there would definitely be sariras in his cremains. Dharma Sister Zhao replied, ''Are you exaggerating a little?'' It turned out that Master Lianjue was by no means exaggerating. After taking refuge in Grandmaster, Master Lianjue honored the guru, respected the dharma and practiced diligently. As a Vajra Master, he dedicated his entire life to propagating Buddhadharma on behalf of Grandmaster. He was conscientious and actively involved in promotional literature. He maintained a pure innocence, was friendly, and did his best to fulfill the wishes of others. Master Lianjue silently and diligently propagated the dharma right up to his last breath. The sariras left by Master Lianjue give us faith, set a good example, and are a driving motivational force, which is to say that as long as we practice diligently, we will also achieve great attainment!

Chinese Source: True Buddha News HK Edition 1220B

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
Source: True Buddha News
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