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True Buddha School Educational Networking Workshop is Now Open for Registration

The September 7, 2018 True Buddha School Educational Networking Workshop is Now Open for Registration

【True Buddha Foundation Notice 】
The highly anticipated True Buddha School (TBS) educational networking workshop will be held in the fall this year on September 7, 2018 at the Rainbow Temple in Seattle, U.S.A. This workshop is rich in content, fun and highly educational and provides an opportunity for everyone to network, support and encourage one another to learn and grow as a team.

Target Attendees: All TBS dharma-propagation personnel and those involved in charge of TBS cultivation venues are invited and encouraged to attend.
Check-in Time: Begins at 8:30 am
Course Content:
  • The importance of wholehearted refuge; respecting and honoring one's guru.
  • How should TBS disciples organize and incorporate dharma cultivation in their daily lives?
  • The way to concurrently cultivate dharma and nurture and subdue one's heart.
  • According to the Sigalovada Sutra what moral and ethical standards should be upheld by Buddhist disciples?
  • In-depth study of the 14 Vajrayana Root Precepts.
  • Detailed explanation of Buddhist manners and deportment.
  • How can one best create interest in TBS teachings in others including one's family and friends, the younger generation, etc.
Your active participation in this event will be our greatest source of support and motivation.
Note that the education and networking event is now open for online registration. Please register your interest without delay!
Kindly go to:

For event-related queries, contact True Buddha Foundation Office in Seattle:
Telephone: (425)885-7573 or Email:
Contact persons: Senior Reverends Liantong (蓮桶法師) and Lianen (蓮嗯法師)

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Shelley Higgins and DJ Chang
Source: TBF
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