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Happy Mother's Day!!

Our Deepest Appreciation to the Greatest Dharma Protector of the True Buddha School in the Human World, the Mother of the True Buddha School Family, Shimu Master Lianxiang.

Thanks to Shimu's constant and careful protection, Grandmaster has been able to spread Buddhadharma wholeheartedly and without worries. Shimu, courageous, resolute, wise and decisive, has helped True Buddha School overcome difficulties one after another. With attentive care, Shimu monitors Grandmaster's diet and nutrition, keeping him on track for a healthy lifestyle.

On this Mother's Day, TBS disciples wish Shimu a wonderful Mother's Day, health, and happiness! We wish health and happiness to all mothers! You have worked hard! We love you!

Source: True Buddha Foundation
Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf

Source: TBF
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