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Welcome Home, Grandmaster and Shimu

Spring Transitions to Summer     Flowers Bloom in Profusion
With Grandmaster Home     Pleasure, Happiness, and Joyful Welcome

【Seattle LSCTT News】In Seattle, the transition from spring to summer is a season of enchantment, and Seattle's magnificent mountains, fresh water, and clean air are what Grandmaster and Shimu miss the most. Every year in this season, disciples living in the US and Canada are especially excited because, after being away for half a year, Grandmaster and Shimu will soon return home.

Time passed slowly while counting the days to Grandmaster's return on May 6. Whether residing at Lei Tsang Temple, Rainbow Villa, in other areas of the US, or in Canada, each and every dharma spreading personnel couldn't wait to rush to the airport. Everyone focused intently on the escalator by the customs exit, hoping to see the faces they have longed for so much.

Finally, as Grandmaster and Shimu emerged, there was a surge of jubilation and wild applause rang out. Everyone felt the excitement rise as the atmosphere in the waiting area reached a crescendo. When the welcoming crowd saw the familiar, compassionate, and loving smiles of Grandmaster and Shimu and heard their warm greetings, they were moved for a long time. Among those present at the airport was Ambassador Liao and his wife, who had come all the way from California to welcome Grandmaster and Shimu. To add to the joyfulness, Sifu Mak Fai from Seattle Chinatown personally directed a lion dance troupe performance for Grandmaster and Shimu. As the lion drums pounded and cymbals crashed, many bystanders stopped to take pictures and videos of the joyous and festive scene.

Surrounded by family members and grandchildren after a long separation, and in an atmosphere full of love and warm feelings, Grandmaster, Shimu, and their family members all hugged each other. Disciples presented flowers to Grandmaster and Shimu. Everyone then posed for a group picture. Grandmaster and Shimu went on greeting and waving to the crowd as everyone walked together to the parking lot. As they got into their car, they said goodbye and promised to meet again tomorrow at the founding temple.

We are grateful that Grandmaster and Shimu have returned home to Seattle. We hope that when they have a chance to take time off from their dharma spreading activities and busy dharma affairs, the beautiful mountains, fresh water, and clean air of Seattle will bring them good health and peace.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang
Source: LSCTT
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