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Work in Concert, Heart to Heart with Grandmaster, Unitedly Dedicate the Merit of Sutra Recitation to the Luotian Ritual

True Buddha Foundation Once More Calls On Everyone to Work in Concert, Heart to Heart with Grandmaster, and
Do One's Best to Unitedly Dedicate the Merit of Sutra Recitation to the Luotian Ritual

During the Mahottara Homa Ceremony on Apr. 28, 2018, Living Buddha Lian-sheng stated:
''I hope every master, reverend, and disciple will work together to recite sutras 100 times or even more. The sutras include but are not limited to the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra, High King Sutra, Heart Sutra, True Buddha Sutra, and Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra. In addition, recite the mantras of various deities 100,000 to 1,000,000 times, or more. Dedicate all the merit of the recitations to the Luotian Ceremony. Those with money can give money and those with strength can give strength. In this way all the netherworld spirits will be blessed by the collective power of mantras, sutras, the guru, and deities, and the Luotian Ritual will turn out perfectly!''

In his discourse, the very first thing Grandmaster brought up was the Luotian Ritual. The ceremony will be held after Grandmaster returns to the US. (The Luotian Ritual, called the Great Mengshan Deliverance Ceremony in Buddhism, is originally Taoist.) Grandmaster further stated that the Luotian Ritual requires the establishment of seven altars:
  1. The Three Pure Ones Altar: Primordial Celestial Venerable, Lord Lao Zi, and Lord Tongtian
  2. Jade Emperor Altar: Jade Emperor
  3. Golden Mother of the Jade Pond Altar
  4. Goddess of the Northern Star Altar: Marici
  5. The Three Divine Officials Altars: Heaven Official, Earth Official, and Water Official
  6. Lord Taiyi Altar
  7. Immortals Altar: including all heavens, namely ''Luotian''
Because there are seven altars, this ritual requires the recitation of numerous sutras (including the sutras of every altar), and vast offerings. The ritual will not only invoke all deities to descend but also all netherworld beings. The offerings will be made to them all. This is an all-embracing ceremony!

The Luotian Ritual is usually conducted over 49 days, or at a minimum, seven days. However, in concert with the sangha's strength, Grandmaster is going to complete the ritual in just 2 hours. He will begin by invoking the Primordial Buddha and continue by invoking all heavens, sages, immortals, ghost kings, and ghosts in hell. TBF is therefore once again calling on everyone to join Grandmaster, heart-to-heart, and dedicate all merit to the Luotian Ritual.

Please register the recitation count of sutras and/or mantras at the link below so that the recitations can be totaled and dedicated to the Luotian Ritual in June. (When registering, please include the name of the sutra or mantra and the total number of recitations.)

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf
Source: TBF
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