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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Vishnu

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, 3:00 PM, at Faji Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a consecration ceremony, and bestow empowerment for Vishnu Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link: or

【Vishnu Mudra :】

First form the Garuda Mudra (open both hands like spreading wings, palms outward, left and right thumb crisscrossing each other, right thumb pressing left thumb). Next, the index finger of each hand touches the other at the tip. Hold the mudra in front of the chest.

【Seed Syllable :】

             Ah (yellow in color)

【Vishnu Mantra and Garuda Mantra :】
Om。bie-zha。wei-shi-nu-ye so-ha。om bie-zha。jia-ru-da。zha-lie。zha-lia。hum-pei。

【Vishnu Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】
Vishnu, yellow in color, wears a treasure crown. Sitting on a Garuda, Vishnu has four arms which hold, respectively, a dharma wheel, an adamantine mace, a wish-fulfilling conch, and a white lotus.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Precious Dharma Discourse - Vishnu Cultivation Merits and Key Formula】
There are three major gods in India; Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Preserver; and Shiva, the Mahesvara Destroyer. Shakyamuni Buddha had an extraordinary dharma conch. He passed it to Sariputta, who later passed it to Vishnu. Without telling anyone about it, Vishnu then hid the conch. Tsongkhapa was the one who found it. After digging it up, Tsongkhapa passed it on to a disciple, instructing him to, ''Carry this conch with you, blowing on it wherever you go. When you are able to make a sound come out of it, build a temple at that very place.'' The disciple was finally able to make a sound come out from the conch where Drepung Monastery in Tibet now stands, that is, the disciple constructed Drepung Monastery at that place. This is how, of the three major Tibetan monasteries, Drepung Monastery came to be established first.

How does Vishnu, the Preserver of the three major gods in India, go about protecting? Although Mahabrahma originally had five heads, he has since become a four-faced god with only four heads. Do you know why? I know, but you don't. Once, during a time when the three gods were all present, Brahma and Shiva were in a competition as to who had greater power. Brahma claimed, ''My power is greater.'' In rebuttal, Shiva claimed, ''My power is the greatest. Your creator's power is not as great as my destroyer's power.'' Brahma was the kinder one and a gentleman, although I'm not saying that Shiva is a villain. As the saying goes, ''One who strikes first prevails; one who strikes later suffers; and one who does not strike at all gets it even worse.'' Brahma was the one who did not strike at all. Shiva drew his sword and instantly chopped off one of Brahma's heads, leaving Brahma with only four heads. It appeared that Shiva was going to keep slashing Brahma. Vishnu, the Preserver, felt he had to stop Shiva from bullying Brahma, the gentleman. Vishnu therefore took out the conch and blew it. Although the sound of the conch impaired Shiva's hearing, he was still able to see. Shiva continued raising his sword to cut off Brahma's heads and at that very moment, Vishnu dropped two petals of the lotus held in his hand. Even though the lotus petals covered two of Shiva's eyes, Shiva still had a third eye left to see but this eye could not see Brahma's remaining heads. As a result, Shiva was only able to shoot fire from his third eye to burn Brahma. Vishnu then cast his indestructible mace at Shiva's third eye. Shiva quickly ran back to the peak of Mt. Everest in the Himalayas. So, tell me, of the three gods, which has the greatest power? Vishnu's power is considerable as Brahma was born through Vishnu. In Buddhism, Mahesvara, namely Shiva, resides in the highest heaven of the Desire Heaven. Brahma resides in the Form Realm Heaven, which is one level above the Desire Heaven. Vishnu resides in the third meditation heaven which is one level above the Form Realm Heaven. In this heaven, everything is bright. This shows that Vishnu is at a level higher than Brahma. In Nepal, one will see Vishnu lying upon the water with his navel exposed. Brahma takes birth from a lotus growing out of Vishnu's navel, which signifies that the creator was born through Vishnu.

''Tumor Removal Practice''
Garuda has Tumor Removal Practice. While reciting the Vishnu Mantra, one also chants the Garuda Mantra because Vishnu and Garuda are together. One recites the mantras 200,000 times. Each time one completes 10,000 recitations, one puts down a grain of rice. Upon completing 200,000 recitations, one has 20 grains of rice and can proceed to practice the method. One visualizes that Garuda's beak enters into one's body where the tumor is, plucks the tumor out of one's body, and places it with the 20 grains of rice. One then blows a breath onto the rice. Blowing a breath is not the same as exhaling. Blowing a breath is blowing a breath whereas exhaling is exhaling. What I mean by blowing a breath is blowing with the inner qi. Blow a breath onto the 20 grains of rice. One may repeat the visualization as many times as the number of tumors. Visualize the tumors being plucked out one by one and placed in the rice until they have all been removed from one's body. One then blows a breath onto the rice. While reciting the mantras, one forms the Vishnu Mudra. One should chant the mantras continuously 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 times or more. At the end of the recitation, one forms the Vishnu Mudra, wraps up the rice, and blows a breath on the rice one more time. One may practice the method near a large tree. Otherwise, take the rice to a large tree, find a hole in the tree, and place the rice into the hole. If unable to find a hole for the rice in the tree, one must make a hole. After the rice is placed in the hole, one again blows a breath into the hole. While performing this practice, one must recite the mantras seven more times in addition to the previous 200,000 recitations. In short, when performing the practice, one must form the mudra, chant the mantras seven times, blow a breath on the rice, place the 20 grains of rice into a tree hole, chant the mantras seven times again, blow a breath into the hole once more, and cover the hole with clay flush with the tree. One's cancer or tumors will then be transferred to the tree and grow on the tree. Do you understand? One's tumors are now substituted by the tree. From this day on, one's tumors will gradually become smaller and the cancer index will keep getting lower and lower until the tumors completely disappear.

''Giving Birth to a Boy or Girl Practice''
Many women encounter problems when giving birth. Vishnu is the protector of women giving birth. One first recites the Vishnu and Garuda Mantras 200,000 times. On the 15th day of any lunar calendar month, after having a bath and being seated, the pregnant one forms the mudra and recites the mantras seven times. Place just one white flower atop one's crown if one wishes to have a boy. Place a red flower atop one's crown if one wishes to give birth to a girl. When certain one is pregnant, recite the Vishnu and Garuda Mantras 200,000 times prior to practicing the method. Take a bath, wear clean clothes, and be seated. Recite the mantras seven times. By placing a white flower on one's head, one will give birth to a boy. A red flower is used for a girl. One who did not attend the ceremony cannot practice this method.

Masters who perform this practice for others should request the pregnant woman to first recite the mantras 200,000 times. On the 15th day of a lunar calendar month, prior to a master performing the practice, everyone should have already taken a shower or bath, have clean clothes on and be seated. During the practice, recites the mantras seven times and places a white flower on her head for a boy, or a red flower for a girl. The practice is also protection for the mother to have a safe delivery.

''Black Magic Spell Removal''
Some claim, ''Oh! I was cursed by a magic spell!'' They may be hexed for six years, for 10 years, or even longer. What can one do if one is cursed by black magic? As before, one can perform the Vishnu Practice. First recite the Vishnu and Garuda Mantras 200,000 times. A five-colored thread is utilized in the practice of this dharma. Tie a knot on the thread after each mantra recitation, seven knots for seven recitations, and 14 knots for 14 recitations. Wearing the five-colored thread will immediately break the magic spell. Many people who are cursed become delirious in an instant. They may faint or dream that they are attached by ghosts. Frequently, they will talk ghost talk, claiming a god or ghost is in them. Gods and ghosts are similar and only differentiated by the degree of supernatural power. Gods have more power than ghosts. Once these spirits attach to one, it is hard to get rid of them. Some may experience spirit attachments lasting longer than ten years. One may apply this method by reciting the mantras 200,000 times, tying a knot on a five-colored thread each time after one recitation of the mantras for total 14 knots. One's black magic spell will be removed as soon as one wears the five-colored thread.

''Rain/Not Rain Practice''
Currently, it is flooding everywhere. If one wishes to stop the rain, let me tell you that it is easy. One can stop the rain right after one's command. Why? It's because dragons are afraid of Garudas for Garudas eat them. How does one obtain the power to stop rain? Again, one first recites the mantras 200,000 times. One then performs the practice by writing a Chinese character ''龍'' [dragon]. This is to command a dragon to produce rain. One then recites the mantras seven times and a dragon will come and make it rain. Originally, dragons were food for Garudas. Although dragons have great power, their power is not as great as Garudas, who are more powerful and the king of birds. Therefore, dragons are afraid upon seeing Garudas. To command rain, one writes a ''龍'' character and chants the mantras of Vishnu and Garuda towards the character seven times. Rain will begin to fall. Per the command, the dragon will make it rain.

The problem is what if it rains excessively? The same practice can be applied. Scare the dragons away just by reciting the mantras. There is another even more powerful way to stop the rain. Those who have buried their ancestors can take a piece of the ancestor's clothing that is not dissolved when reopening their ancestor's coffin. The cloth or clothes are very useful. One can also put extra clothes on the deceased and remove the extra clothes before the coffin is sealed. One keeps the clothes. It is ok for the deceased to have one less item of clothing because it's an extra piece of clothing to begin with. When performing the practice, one sits on the clothing removed from the deceased. Then, after reciting the mantras seven times, one commands the dragons to leave. The rain will stop immediately. However, one must sit on the corpse's clothes. The burial shrouds in India are the best. Orientals usually open the coffin to collect the bones after a certain period of burial. When the coffin is opened, if there are clothes still in good condition, one may collect some for future use. They will be very useful. When one needs to stop rain, one can sit on the cloth or clothing and chant the mantras. It will be very powerful. Why? I don't know, but per the instruction, this is how one practices. The rain should stop. If it doesn't stop, one visualizes a Garuda biting the dragon. The dragon will die and be eaten by the Garuda. This is important.

''Boundary Protection, Body Protection, and Illness Treatment''
We can use the Vajra Mudra to perform boundary protection. Bring the mudra to touch the brow point, then throat, heart, left shoulder, right shoulder, then back to the forehead. This is Armor Protection, which we perform regularly. However, one can also perform it with the Vishnu and Garuda Mudra. In other words, one forms Vishnu Mudra while chanting the mantras 200,000 times. One then brings the Vishnu Mudra to the five places as mentioned previously. This is equivalent to performing boundary protection on one's body. If one seals another person with the mudra, then the boundary protection is set on that person. If one seals a house with the mudra, then the house is protected. If one brings the mudra to touch a patient's area of sickness such as the heart, nose, or wherever, the sickness can be cured. One forms the mudra, recites the mantras seven times toward the ill part, and stamps the sick area with the mudra's triangular section. For headache stamp the head, the throat for throat discomfort, the heart for heart pain, the stomach for stomach pain, the back for back pain, the knee for knee pain, or the foot for foot pain. The illness will disappear. Forming this mudra not only protect one's body, but also cure one's illness.

''Memory Enhancement''
Vishnu has four implements; a wish-fulfilling conch, a lotus, a dharma wheel, and an indestructible mace. Each implement has its own function. One just needs to recite the Vishnu and Garuda Mantras 200,000 times. One then visualizes the dharma wheel emitting light and entering into one's body through the crown. The dharma wheel stays and revolves at one's brow point and one's memory is thereby strengthened. One may ask me why my memory is not enhanced. It is because I don't want to have good memory. I am willing to forget everything. I know nothing and enter the emptiness as soon as I meditate. Too many memories will cause thoughts to roll continuously in the brain. Ordinary people need to have good memory, not me. Why? With a bad memory, one forgets what happened in the past. After all, I don't worry, and watch nothing. I only pay attention to suicides on TV so I can perform deliverance. That's it. I don't watch programs concerning ''right or wrong.'' I don't have newspapers, internet, an email address, or a cell phone, nothing, unless someone gives me one. Even if I have a cell phone, I don't turn it on. No one can contact me. I listen to nothing and watch nothing, so I forget everything and enter samadhi quickly, very swiftly. I can let everything go completely and enter meditation immediately. I proceed from the first level of mediation to the second, the third, the fourth, and return to the third, the second, and the first, finally emerging from samadhi. It is very easily done. The meditation cleanses all the negative karma in the body including all the karmic seeds. Therefore, being without any memory is best. However, poor memory is not beneficial for those who must work. They will have to chant the mantras 200,000 times and visualize the dharma wheel entering into their brow point and revolving to strengthen their memory.

Vishnu Sadhana

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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