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Next Magazine Apologizes to Grandmaster

【TBSN News】Next Magazine in Taiwan Offered Their Apologies to Grandmaster Living Buddha Lian-sheng for the First Time

Finally, an apology!
Although the size of the notice and the print was rather small, Next Magazine did indeed apologize to Grandmaster Living Buddha Lian-sheng for the first time.

Master Lianning and Master Liandian expressed their deepest regrets and repentance to Grandmaster, Shimu, and everyone else for an incident which affected their innocent guru and caused great concern and worry among fellow disciples. In connection with this incident, they asked Grandmaster for his forgiveness, blessing, and protection. They prayed for Grandmaster's health and for their fellow disciples' success in cultivation.

Issues of true or false are neverending in the human world. Everything depends on one's wisdom in seeing through illusion! May we encourage each other in wisdom.
Om, Guru, Lian-sheng, Siddhi, Hum

Is or was?
Caused inconvenience/difficulties and misrepresentation interruptions
Source: TBSN
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