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Forever Valuable Folio of Dharma Protectors with a Talisman for Wellbeing and Brightness

【True Buddha Foundation News】A Forever Valuable Folio of Dharma Protectors with a Talisman for Wellbeing and Brightness

In response to the Root Guru's instructions, and in support of his directive to manage the affairs of True Buddha School (TBS) and undertake the important responsibility of propagating TBS tantra and protecting the Root Guru and TBS, the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) has collated a forever valuable folio of dharma protectors with a talisman for wellbeing and brightness.

The purpose of this initiative is to foster the flow of dharma for all time, protect the mental and physical wellbeing, brightness, and auspiciousness of all TBS disciples, and perpetuate the true dharma forever.

Physical Illness -
Cancer has been at the top of the 10 leading causes of death for last 35 years and claimed 47,000 lives in Taiwan in 2016. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that in 2016, there were 172,418 lives claimed by the 10 leading causes of death. This means that a life was lost every three minutes and three seconds, exceeding the 2015 death rate by nine seconds.

Mental Illness -
Western psychologists have predicted that the greatest threat to mankind in the 21st century will not be disasters such as floods or wars, but mental illness.

Spiritual Needs and Self-awareness -
Many have started a journey of self-discovery with the goal of finding greater fulfillment and realizing self-worth to heal feelings of emptiness within their heart.

~ During times of darkness, may this talisman grant sentient beings protection by its brightness, mental and physical wellbeing, and realization of the true meaning of Tathagata.

~ The flower of wisdom blossoms naturally when one's soul is full of light~

~The folio includes:
(1) An image of Mahabala, a sworn protector of TBS, with his mantra and his ghost prohibiting mantra (to symbolize subjugation of enemies and removal of obstacles.)
(2) An image of Marici Bodhisattva, a sworn protector of TBS, with her heart mantra (to symbolize her vow to protect each and every disciple of TBS.)
(3) A Golden Mother talisman for wellbeing and brightness.
(4) A Golden Mother talisman in business card style with gold foil and a thank you note.

For sponsorship and to make further inquiries:
1. Online credit card payment: See QR code below.
2. Line @ 24小時線上贊助(健康光明護法典藏紀念冊)[Line@24-Hour Online Sponsorship (Folio of Dharma Protectors with a Talisman for Wellbeing and Brightness)]. See QR code below.
3. Booth located at the dragon side of Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. (near the outdoor thangka)
4. email:

Source: TBF
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