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Book 262 Ghosts and Deceptions

【TBSN News】Today marks the release of Grandmaster's Book 262, Ghosts and Deceptions. This book presents even more true accounts of ghost stories than his previous book Vicious Ghosts, the Untold Stories. It is important to overcome evil with righteousness!
Each and every True Buddha School disciple is urged to obtain both these books.

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Henry Wolf and DJ Chang】
On December 2, 2017, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu presided over a Padmakumara Homa Ceremony at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. Prior to the ceremony, True Buddha School (TBS) masters acting as representatives of the Federation of TBS Malaysia respectfully supplicated Living Buddha Lian-sheng to discourse the dharma and bestow the empowerment of Mahottara Heruka Uncommon Practice and Mahabala Purity Restoration Practice at a grand homa ceremony in Malaysia to be held on December 16, 2017. This grand ceremony will provide country protection, dharma flow, illness eradication, blessing of Malaysia, and bardo deliverance. The supplication ceremony conducted by the masters was carried out in a solemn, dignified and flawless fashion.

Following the homa, Living Buddha Lian-sheng discoursed that the lineage empowerment bestowed today was the most supreme empowerment and there was a most powerful and magnificent dharma flow. The greatest blessings of good fortune, provisions, and wisdom were bestowed on those attending today's ceremony. If one had felt the loss of lineage and attended today's ceremony, one would have regained the lineage.

Today at the book signing ceremony, certain disciples joyfully informed Grandmaster that they had won a jackpot. While on the topic, Grandmaster spoke of an incident where XX told a disciple who had won a jackpot that this was arranged by Golden Mother of the Jade Pond so the disciple could fund XX's Lei Tsang Temple construction. Grandmaster discoursed that a true and authentic Lei Tsang temple would never be used as a stepping stone to promote anyone's status or as a tool to build anyone's fame and fortune.

One is making offerings genuinely and in good faith when one makes offerings to one's principal deity and the Lei Tsang temple found within one's heart. As long as one practices diligently in accordance with Grandmaster's cultivation method each day, one will gain merit!

Today marks the release of Grandmaster's Book 262, Ghosts and Deceptions.This book includes even more true accounts of ghost stories than his previous book Vicious Ghosts, the Untold Stories. Essentially, Ghosts and Deceptions recounts actual first hand stories of interactions between XX and disciples from around the world, and provides guidance on how to overcome evil with righteousness. Each and every TBS disciple is urged to obtain of a copy of both books. Disciples who live in remote areas and do not have access to these two books may go to the True Buddha Boyeh e-book website ( to read them.

Afterwards, Grandmaster praised Master Changzhi (常智上師). Grandmaster revealed that, using his divine eye, he was able to see the words ''Rebirth in the Pure Land'' written on Master Changzhi's shoulder bag.

A few days ago, High King Avalokitesvara appeared in Grandmaster's dream and transmitted a practice that has never before been transmitted. In the dream, Avalokitesvara taught Grandmaster the practice step by step. Immediately after Grandmaster awoke from cultivating this practice in his dream, his wishes came true. In particular, a matter that had been unresolved was instantly resolved!

Also, using his divine eye, Grandmaster saw the true form of XX - a Hell Vampire Devil. This signifies that the day of reckoning for XX is drawing near.

Following this, Grandmaster discoursed the Lamdre teachings. As Lamdre is extremely profound and very difficult to understand, those qualified to teach the Lamdre should have the following characteristics:
  1. Possess a level of wisdom accumulated from spiritual cultivation spanning many lifetimes.
  2. Cultivate truthfully and diligently.
At this point in time, having cultivated diligently over many lifetimes, Grandmaster Lu, an enlightened being, is the only person who truly understands the Lamdre teachings and is able to give a thorough and lucid discourse on them.

Next, Grandmaster explained that first level vase empowerment incorporates seven kinds of empowerments.

The second level empowerment is received from Buddha Father through red and white flowers, or in the case of Lamdre, conches and clams. The second level empowerment is received from Buddha Mother through red and white curtains.

The third level empowerment is the brush empowerment. In the Lamdre secret empowerment, the guru hands over the wisdom mudra and teaches the method of transforming the four joys into the four kinds of emptiness.

The fourth level empowerment does not have any fixed form. It is bestowed through oral transmission, absolute bodhicitta, and the wisdom qi mandala. One who attains this level of empowerment will definitely attain buddhahood in the present body.

As a result of swindling money from disciples under the pretext of bestowing the fourth level tantric empowerment, a woman from Tainan will be reborn in hell for four times. Grandmaster has never bestowed the fourth level tantric empowerment on anyone.

Grandmaster is presently writing a new book, Emptiness Which Does not Change, which also provides some insight into the third and fourth level empowerments. Disciples must read this book in the future.

Esoteric Buddhist practices are extraordinarily profound. Only Grandmaster is capable of thoroughly discoursing these teachings.

In the past, when Grandmaster was in spiritual retreat, there were two persons who requested that Grandmaster remain in retreat and never return to propagate the dharma. They claimed they could propagate the dharma for Grandmaster. These two individuals were none other than LJ and XX! They thought Grandmaster had transmitted the entire Vajrayana teachings. Actually, there are still so many profound doctrines yet to discourse.

No one other than Grandmaster is capable of discoursing Lamdre! Should XX try to give a discourse on Lamdre today, she would utterly fail, because Grandmaster has not bestowed the third and fourth level empowerments on her. I am not even sure I bestowed the second level empowerment on her.

At the end of the homa ceremony, while wholeheartedly reciting ''Om, Gu-ru, Lian-sheng, Sid-dhi, Hum,'' disciples passed through the empowerment banners in the midst of solemn mantra recitation. The ceremony was thus auspiciously and perfectly concluded!

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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