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The Fifth Term True Buddha Foundation Committee

【True Buddha Foundation News 】The Fifth Term True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Committee Has Been Successfully Established

【Reported by TBF Core Committee in Seattle 】A scheduled TBF Core Committee meeting was held on the 19th and 20th of September, 2017 at the TBF office in Seattle. The committee directors of the previous fourth term and the newly elected directors of the fifth term were all in attendance. At the meeting, the directors focused their discussions on the duties and responsibilities of each director and member.

With respect to their recent re-election to office, both Master Lianwang (蓮旺) and Lianzhe (蓮者) resigned from their elected positions as committee directors and were subsequently replaced by Masters Lianzhen (蓮僧) and Liandong (蓮東) in accordance with the number of votes cast during the recent committee election. In the same fashion, Masters Lianhua Bizhen (蓮花璧珍), Lianchuan (蓮傳), and Lianman (蓮滿) also resigned from their elected positions as committee members and were replaced by Masters Liansheng(蓮聲), Lianfei(蓮飛) and Lianwei(蓮衛).

Next, the directors discussed and divided the workload among the teams based on the needs of True Buddha School (TBS) and the expertise of each committee member.

Finally, after careful consideration by the directors and as instructed by our lineage root guru, the fifth term TBF Core Committee directors and corresponding team members are as follows:

Chairman: Master Lianhua Chengzu (蓮花程祖)

Director of Public Relations: Master Lianyin (蓮印)
Team members: Masters Lianjin (蓮今) and Lianhua Shaodong (蓮花少東)

Director of Promotional Literature Department: Master Lianyue (蓮悅)
Team members: Masters Huijun(慧君) and Lianjia(蓮伽)

Director of Education Department: Master Lianhe (蓮訶)
Team members: Masters Lianming (蓮鳴), Liantai (蓮太), and Lianfei (蓮飛)

Director of Finance Department: Master Liansu (蓮潔)
Team members: Masters Lianya (蓮涯) and Lianyou (蓮友)

Director of Supervisory Commission Member Department: Master Lianseng(蓮僧)
Team members: Masters Lianou (蓮歐) and Lianzhu (蓮主)

Director of Dharma Activities Department: Master Liandong (蓮東),
Team members: Masters Liansheng (蓮聲), Lianlai (蓮萊), and Lianwei (蓮衛)

With everyone's blessings, support and encouragement, a new TBF Committee has been successfully established. We hope that the new committee will live up to expectations and carry out their duties as required. We also hope that with the blessings of our lineage root guru, TBF will actively promote TBS. May TBF continue to thrive, make progressive efforts in unfolding their grand plans, and perpetually preserve and uphold the lineage of TBS!
Source: TBF
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