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Newly Elected True Buddha Foundation Committee

【True Buddha Foundation News 】All True Buddha School (TBS) Masters Attended the Election Conference and the Next Committee Directors and Members Were Officially Elected

【TBSN News】 On September 18, 2017, Rainbow Temple hosted the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Election Conference that was attended by all TBS Vajra Masters. After the conference chair, Master Lianyue, announced the commencement of election, all masters started to cast their votes in electing the next TBF committee directors and members. Subsequent to the casting of votes, many of the masters have provided assistance in the counting, checking, and reading of votes. They were all extremely helpful and displayed a sense of unity as they worked together in this election process.

The election process which involved vote casting, counting, and checking started after lunch time and ended at 6pm just before dinner time. Even though the entire process was quite time consuming, everyone carried out their duties in a meticulous manner. The entire vote counting and recording process was carried out in an accurate, formal, and flawless fashion.

Gradually, the election process reached its peak as the last few votes were being counted. To those present at the scene, it was as though a New Year's Eve countdown was in motion. Finally, as soon as the last ballot was being read and checked, everyone cheered enthusiastically, adding much excitement, liveliness, and grandeur to the election scene.

The seven elected TBF Core Committee Directors are: Lianyin (蓮印), Lianyue (蓮悅), Lianhe (蓮訶), Lianhua Chengzu (蓮花程祖), Lianwang (蓮旺), Lianzhe (蓮者) and Lianjie (蓮潔).
Furthermore, the 15 elected TBF Committee Members are:
Lianseng (蓮僧), Liandong (蓮東), Lianlai (蓮萊), Lianchuan (蓮傳), Liantai (蓮太), Lianhua Shaodong (蓮花少東), Lianhua Huijun (蓮花慧君), Lianming (蓮鳴), Lianman (蓮滿), Lianhua Bizhen (蓮花璧珍), Lianya (蓮涯), Lianjin (蓮今), Lianou (蓮歐), Lianzhu (蓮主) and Lianjia (蓮伽) (2 of whom had the same number of votes).

President of the Lotus Light Charity Society: Master Lianyue
Team Leader of Hospice Care: Master Lianyue
Team Leader of Senior Home: Master Lianzhi
Team Leader of True Buddha Columbarium: Master Lianhua Chengzu
Team Leader of Grandmaster's Corpus Promotions: Master Lianchuan
Team Leader of Dharma Propagation Personnel Care: Master Lianlai
We would like to congratulate the newly elected directors and members of TBF Core Committee. We also wish to express our gratitude to all TBS Vajra masters for their combined efforts in supporting and promoting TBF. We hope that with the tremendous blessings from our lineage root guru, TBF will continue to thrive and make progressive efforts in the extensive deliverance of sentient beings.
Source: TBF
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