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Jul. 15, 2017 Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Personal Deity Group Practice

【TBSN True Buddha Video Channel News】Jul. 15, 2017 Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Personal Deity Group Practice

Key Points of Discourse
  1. Prior to Grandmaster's birth in the saha world, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva assigned one of his personal attendants, Mahabala, to protect Grandmaster in his mission to save sentient beings.
  2. Mahabala and four Acala flew out of Grandmaster's mouth to battle a host of evil ghosts.
  3. The ''three levels of manifestation'' can be described as:
    1. Manifestation of impurity: contaminated appearance arising from the six roots.
    2. Manifestation of perception: feeling of dharma flow entering body and perception of earth, water, wind and fire during meditation.
    3. Manifestation of purity: renunciation of all non-virtue.
  4. Grandmaster gave the following example of impurity: a former director in XX's establishment described how XX criticized everyone except herself and her children with extremely foul language. This exposes XX's filthy mind.
  5. XX's evil killing of sentient beings: In 1999, XX used phony ''spiritual consultation'' to terrorize an eight months pregnant disciple into getting an abortion. Thirteen years later, XX told the mother of the aborted baby that if the baby had been born it would have been a source of endless good fortune for her.
  6. Grandmaster gave an example of XX's ''ghost prediction:'' XX predicted that within three months a disciple's entire family would be killed in a car wreck. After three months had passed, the disciple's family was still alive and doing well.
  7. Grandmaster gave another example of XX's ''ghost prediction:'' XX gave a disciple who was going to get married a prediction of bad marital affinity with his finance. Consequently, the disciple broke off the engagement and stopped preparations for what would actually have been an auspicious marriage. As a result, the disciple remained single for many years.
  8. Grandmaster is himself an example of not being greedy. He emphasized that this principle develops one's purity and strength. If one is righteous and moral while in the infinity between earth and heaven, one may hope to attain buddhahood!
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Source: TBSN
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