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Joint Solemn Statement of Master Lianning and Master Liandian

Joint Solemn Statement of Master Lianning and Master Liandian

Recently, a group of vicious and dishonest elements have published baseless news articles in Next Magazine (No. 839, Jun. 22, 2017) and posted videos, articles, and animations in the Breaking News section of Next Digital which deliberately insult and slander the good name and reputation of HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Master Lianning and Master Liandian. We hereby issue a serious warning to the perpetrators of this disgusting and evil attack.

Under the guise of false identities, a depraved gang of reprobates at Next media has maliciously perpetrated false rumors and insults in a deliberate attack on and defamation of the founder of the True Buddha School (TBS) Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu. This despicable gang has also used crude and outrageous language in a vulgar attempt to malign Master Lianning and Master Liandian. Further, there have been several shocking and barbaric attacks on the residence of Master Liandian in an attempt to force entry into her home (these criminal attacks have been duly reported to proper authorities.)

The shameless perpetrators of these false rumours and insults have also hurled abusive language at other ordained members of the TBS. This gang has not just damaged the reputation of TBS, they have gone further to harm innocent personnel. The outrageous and unlawful behavior of these criminal elements has posed a serious threat to the safety of individuals.

As a religious organization we have viewed the conduct of those behind this illegal activity with compassion. We have so far offered our forgiveness for the ongoing criminal behavior of this evil element within Next media in hopes they will reflect on their conduct and return to proper, law abiding standards of behavior. It is unfortunate that our compassion and forgiveness has been repaid by continued dishonest and defamatory news reporting which intentionally disparages the reputation of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, a holy saint of the modern era.

We, Master Lianning and Master Liandian, therefore issue the following warning:
Vicious insults and character defamation by Next media are poisonous content, the publication of which constitutes the commission of a serious crime. This case has been reported to appropriate authorities, evidence is being collected, and TBS will no longer tolerate insulting and slanderous attacks on HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng. For the sake of principle and to protect the dignity and good name of TBS, the perpetrators of this malicious activity will henceforth be dealt with by judicial recourse under the law.

Master Lianning, Master Liandian, and the Board of Directors of Faming Cultivation Association would like to express heartfelt appreciation for the concern and support we have received in regards to these incidents. At the same time, we are calling on everyone to not believe, quote, forward, or disseminate in any way baseless slander and defamatory video. Disciples should use pure wisdom to dissolve evil obstacles.

Let's work together to protect the honorable dharma lineage of TBS!

Solemn statement of Master Lianning and Master Liandian
Jun. 22, 2017
Source: TBF
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