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Recitation Count of Mahabala Mantra: 96,359,705

【TBSN Express】Appreciate Worldwide Disciples' Support
《Mahabala, the great lineage dharma protector of True Buddha School, protects True Buddha! Massive worldwide mantra chanting energy collection event.》
As of today, the total count is 96,359,705

Video Link:

True Buddha School (TBS) Mahabala Mantra Chanting Event for protection of the root guru and TBS, everyone please continue chanting the Mahabala mantra and dedicate the merit to Grandmaster ~
TBSN【Mantra Count Registration Site】
Let's protect TBS lineage by chanting the Mahabala mantra with dedication and sincerity:
Pray to Mahabala to guard Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng so he may have ''health, longevity, and stay in the world.'' Pray to Mahabala to guard cultivation venues and individuals for accomplishment of cultivation and for his protection by forming and purifying protective boundaries.
All temples, chapters, cultivation venues, and TBS disciples are cordially invited to cultivate Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice.

Mantra: ''Om, ma-ha-ba-la-ye, hum-hum-pei. ''

Pray to Mahabala to guard Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng so he may have ''health, longevity, and stay in the world.'' Pray to Mahabala to protect cultivation venues and individuals for ''forming and purifying protective boundaries and for accomplishing cultivation.''

【Event Details】
Starting immediately, participants may record their mantra recitation count with the name of participants or participating cultivation venues at this website: Participants may also email the mantra count, including name and a note indicating ''for Mahabala mantra chanting event,'' to Please choose only one of the above two options to avoid duplication of the mantra count. Thank you for your cooperation.
【Important Notes】
1. Those who attended the Mahabala Ceremony presided over by Living Buddha Lian-sheng in Seattle on Aug. 27, 2016 and received the Mahabala empowerment are not required to request another empowerment for the Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice. The Mahabala empowerment given during the ceremony already includes empowerment to perform this practice.
2. Vajrayana associations, temples, chapters, and cultivation venues are welcome to request empowerment for Mahabala mantra chanting on behalf of their group by mailing a letter requesting this empowerment to the True Buddha Foundation. The empowerment for Mahabala mantra chanting includes empowerment for the Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice. Remote empowerment cannot be bestowed for the Mahabala Uncommon Practice as empowerment for this practice must be personally bestowed by the Root Guru.
3. TBF address and contact info:
True Buddha Foundation
17110 NE 40th CT.
Redmond, WA 98052-5479
Tel: (425) 885-7573
Fax: (425) 883-2173

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

⓪Please check the True Buddha School website regularly for the latest news about Living Buddha Lian-sheng and ''be with Buddha'' always.
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Source: TBSN
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