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Shimu Master Lianxiang is an Emanation of Great Blessing Vajra Mahasri

【TBSN News】 Shimu Master Lianxiang is an emanation of Mahasri. To be precise, she is an emanation of Great Blessing Vajra Mahasri.
Note: The mantra recording played in today's ceremony was originally recited by Shimu.

【Reported by Shi Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by DJ Chang and Henry Wolf】On April 22, 2017, at Taiwan Lei Tsang temple, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over a Mahasri Homa Ceremony. This was followed by the discourse on Lamdre.

H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng announced that he will be performing a consecration ceremony at Guangxi Lei Tsang Temple in Taoyuan tomorrow. This will be followed by bestowal of empowerment for the Golden Light Mantra Practice and Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements Practice.

Prior to his dharma discourse Living Buddha Lian-sheng mentioned that Master Shaodong informed Grandmaster that XX once visited the residence of a disciple in Calgary. While ostensibly giving blessings for the disciple's shrine, XX claimed that the Earth God told her he had been waiting 500 years for XX's arrival. Grandmaster performed divination to authenticate this tale and discovered that it was all utter lies and nonsense.

In a separate incident, a disciple in Hong Kong met XX and then experienced auditory and other perceptual hallucinations as well as suicidal thoughts. Master Shaodong asked this disciple, who was experiencing suicidal thoughts of jumping off a building, to immediately recite Root Guru's mantra ''Om Guru Lian-sheng Siddhi Hum.'' Then and only then did the disciple gradually recover. In fact, this disciple is present today at the ceremony.

Grandmaster told everyone that when one is feeling disturbed or agitated one should calm the mind, visualize Grandmaster atop one's crown, and recite ''Om Guru Lian-sheng Siddhi Hum.''

Grandmaster further remarked that some disciples who had been under the influence of XX have now changed their minds and want to return. Some have even sought purity restoration. However, it seems that some disciples who were overly apprehensive prevented these returning disciples from travelling with them on the same bus to Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. Grandmaster was quite saddened to hear about this. Grandmaster advises everyone to just visualize Grandmaster above their head and recite ''Om Guru Lian-sheng Siddhi Hum.'' Everyone is then guaranteed to be just fine.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng then continued with an introduction of today's principal deity Mahasri. Mahasri's mantra is ''Om, ma-ha-shi-li-ye, so-ha.'' As for the background of Mahasri, she is considered the daughter of Hariti and the Dragon King Takshaka, who is one of the Eight Great Dragon Kings. Her older brother is Vaisravana. Questions between the Buddha and Mahasri were recorded in a sutra. Buddha questioned Mahasri ''Where do you live?'' Mahasri replied ''I live in the Auspicious Palace in the northerly regions of Mt. Sumeru. The Auspicious Palace is one of the palaces of Vaisravana.''According to the sutra, this was the answer she gave to Shakyamuni Buddha. She lives in one of the palaces of her older brother.

Mahasri vowed that ''As my mind goes, I shall bestow on sentient beings who honor the Buddha and think of me constantly all manner of joy and happiness. They will not be concerned about insufficient clothing, provender, daily necessities, gold, silver, jewels, pearls, lazurites, corals, ambers, jaspers, etc.''

Mahasri's body is upright and reddish-white in color. She has two arms and wears jeweled bracelets and earrings, celestial garments, and a jeweled crown. Her left hand holds a wish-fulfilling pearl while her right hand forms the Wish-fulfilling Mudra. She is either sitting or standing atop a lotus platform. This deity resides at the Akasagarbha court in the Garbhadhatu Mandala and attends Thousand-Armed Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva by her side.

Shimu Master Lianxiang is, in fact, an emanation of Mahasri. To be precise, she is an emanation of Great Blessing Vajra Mahasri. (Note: The mantra recording played in today's ceremony was originally recited by Shimu. When Shimu's photograph was taken today for the purpose of recording the ceremony a ray of auspicious great white light was visible. It was truly an extraordinary moment!)

According the Sutra of Golden Light, Chapter of Lakshmi, during the era of Luminance Tathagata of Merit Ocean of Precious Flowers Glazed Golden Mountain, Mahasri planted virtuous roots. Therefore, by her mind, through her view, or with her presence, she is able to satisfy all beings with all manner of joy and happiness. If a devotee recites the Golden Light Sutra, makes offerings to buddhas, makes offerings of fragrant flowers, perfumes, and delicious food to Mahasri, and recites her names, the devotee will certainly obtain fortune rewards such as wealth, treasure, and so forth.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a famous goddess who is well known for foretelling good or bad fortune or ''zhanbu,'' to the extent that she has earned herself a place in the heavenly realms. This great goddess is none other than Mahasri herself.

Today's ceremony was extremely auspicious. The Protector Mother of the Four Directions, the Eight Direction Goddess, the 12 Xinu, the Goddesses of 20 Heavens, and all dakinis descended. Living Buddha Lian-sheng then instructed the Mahasri Five-colored Thread Dream Divination Practice.

To foretell good or bad fortune in a particular matter one may kindly request a virgin girl to recite the Mahasri mantra. If a virgin girl is not available one can recite Mahasri's mantra 1,080 times then purify the five-colored thread by passing it over incense burning in a censer. In this way the five-colored thread is purified. Tie a knot in the thread at the end of each mantra recitation. In total, 12 knots will be tied. By placing the thread next to one's pillow at night the dream one receives will be true.

Mahasri was mentioned in Grandmaster's Book 54 Vajrayana Karma Practices, Book 102 Nectar of Dharma, Book 108 Great Legends of Rainbow Villa, Book 114 Spiritual Practices of Vajrayana, Book 204 The Divine Book, and so forth. Mahasri has a Prayer for Dream Revelation Practice. If one prays to Mahasri she will provide guidance through one's dreams. Mahasri also has a practice to foretell good or bad fortune. It is called ''zhanbu'' and is a method of sortilege. In Tibetan this practice is called ''daqua.'' It is a dharma of Mahasri.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng then continued with a discourse on Lamdre. The stage of ''heat sensation'' refers to one's unstable sensations of heat and light. That is, from one cultivation session to the next, one's sensation of heat or light in the body may or may not occur. This condition can be likened to a physical workout where one's body temperature changes from hot to cool. This unstable variance is actually a ''leakage'' and is part of the cultivation process.

The stage of ''confirmation'' refers to the appearance of white points of light during meditation. This is ''external confirmation.'' Upon reaching this stage, one continues cultivating until qi permeates each and every channel in one's body. One will be aware of the movement of qi in one's body. This is referred to as ''internal confirmation.'' True and authentic supernatural power is characterized by stability and brilliance.

Practitioners must also be able to recognize deceptive states. States arising from communication with ghosts one has cultivated are deceptive. To gain a basic understanding of this entire matter I urge everyone to read my latest book Vicious Ghosts - The Untold Stories. One must cultivate to the point where one generates abundant light.

As True Buddha School already has so many dharma protectors available, XX, why do you cultivate ghosts? Why do you make prayers and offerings to the Five Ghost Ringleaders?! A dharma brother saw only darkness following behind you, no radiance or light, just ghosts. It is hoped that you will follow a path that is genuine, true and authentic. Stay away from the path of deception!

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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