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Golden Light Talisman Practice

【TBSN News】Living Buddha Lian-sheng Conducts Consecration at Guangxi Temple and Bestows Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements Practice, Purity Restoration Practice and the Golden Light Mantra Practice Empowerment

【Master Shi Liandian Reporting From Taoyuan, translated by Henry Wolf, Edited by DJ Chang】
On April 23, 2017 Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Master Lianxiang visited Guangxi Lei Tsang Temple. Living Buddha Lian-sheng first conducted Ribbon-cutting Ceremony, set boundaries, bestowed calligraphy, consecrated deities on the altar, and bestowed the empowerment for Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements Practice, Purity Restoration Practice, and the Golden Light Mantra Practice.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Dharma Discourse》
Living Buddha Lian-sheng first praised Rev. Lianga's selfless dedication to the establishment of Guangxi Temple. Master Lianyu and Master Lianjin are currently the co-Abbotts in charge of the temple's mission to spread the dharma and deliver sentient beings.

Prior to discoursing the dharma, Grandmaster mentioned an incident involving XX's visit to Huguo Temple. XX told Grandmaster that while she was visiting Huguo Temple in Liaoning Province, many buddhas and bodhisattvas were in tears because the temple did not have enough devotees. There was a lack of offerings and many buddhas and bodhisattvas at Huguo Temple were going hungry. They asked XX to remain at the temple as Abbot. As XX was leaving, the buddhas and bodhisattvas even grabbed onto the sleeve of her lama robe crying loudly, begging her to stay...

To authenticate her story, Grandmaster performed divination. It turned out that XX did go to Huguo Temple, but her story about the buddhas and bodhisattvas crying hard to beg her to remain there as Abbot was just a pack of lies.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng continued with a dharma discourse on the the Golden Light Mantra Practice and Golden Light Mudra Practice. In the year when Daoist Master Qing Zhen was just beginning to transmit Taoist practices to Grandmaster, he passed down a mantra and a mudra: the Golden Light Mantra and the Golden Light Mudra.

Golden Light Mudra: Insert the right middle finger in between the left index finger and the left middle finger. Insert the right ring finger in between the left middle finger and the left ring finger. Hold the right middle finger, the right ring finger, the left middle finger, and the left ring finger horizontally. Keep the index fingers and the little fingers pointed up with the tips touching. The thumbs are kept pointing down with the thumb tips touching. Place the mudra above the eyebrows.

Visualize the Golden Light Talisman appear above one's head radiating white or golden light.
While releasing the mudra by moving the palms apart and outwards, visualize golden light radiating and entirely enveloping the practitioner. Visualize that practitioner's entire body emits golden light.

Recite mantra: ''Tian-di-xuan-zong, wan-qi-ben-gen, quang-xiu-wan-jie, zheng-wu-shen-tong, san-jie-nei-wai, wei-dao-du-zun, fu-you-jin-guan, zhao-hu-wu-shen, shi-zhi-bu-jian, ting-zhi-bu-wen, bao-luo-tian-di, yang-yu-qun-sheng, shou-chi-yi-bian, shen-you-guang-ming, san-jie-shi-wei, wu-di-si-ying, wan-shen-chao-li, yi-shi-lei-ting, gui-yao-sang-dan, jing-guai-wang-xing, nei-you-pi-li, lei-shen-yin-ming, tong-hui-jiao-che, wu-qi-teng-teng, jin-guang-su-xian, fu-fu-zhen-ren, ji-ji-ru-yu-huang-lu-ling.''
The profundity of the universe
Is the one origin of everything
By cultivating broadly through countless kalpas
One attains transcendental ability
Inside and outside of the Three Realms
Tao is the honored one
The talisman has golden light
Which covers and protects the body
Cannot be seen
Cannot be heard
Encompassing the entire universe
Nurturing sentient beings
By one recitation
Entire body radiates light
Protected in the Three Realms
Welcomed by the Five Emperors
Homage paid by thousands of divinities
Invokes thunders
Frightens ghosts and evil spirits
Eliminates spiritual monsters
Power produced from within
Guarded by Thunder Gods
Interaction of supernatural ability and wisdom
Vigorous five qi's
Instant manifestation of golden light
Covers and protects the true practitioner
By Jade Emperor's edict
Execute the order immediately

There are many practitioners who don't know about this practice. Since one's entire body is full of the golden light and five qi's, when going out, because of this brilliant golden light, Five Emperors will come to welcome one. Thousands of divinities will pay homage to one, ghosts and evil spirits will be frightened, and spiritual monsters will be annihilated.

It's best to recite the Golden Light Mantra 10,000 times. However, this doesn't mean one recites all 10,000 repetitions at once. One can recite the mantra once during each cultivation session. This is equivalent to Armour Protection and setting the boundary.

I have previously transmitted the Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements Practice which is a practice for purification and destroying defilements.

''True practitioner'' means one who has reached total purification. A practitioner must have bodhicitta. If one does not have bodhicitta then one is not a practitioner.

As Buddhist practitioners, we must bring good fortune and happiness to others. A practitioner must be broadminded and generous. Grandmaster is a reasonable and loyal person. One may be considered a practitioner if one has these qualities.

Why has Grandmaster criticized XX? It is because XX has forgotten about bodhicitta in the following three ways:
  1. She swindles money by terrorizing people with death threats.
  2. She cultivates ghosts for the purpose of harming people.
  3. She fakes supernatural abilities to get money.
Today, with the powerful blessing of Grandmaster, Buddha's light shined upon Guangxi Temple. The True Buddha dharma is true and authentic. We believe that by spreading it Guangxi Temple will save countless sentient beings and emit great light!

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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Source: TBSN
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