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White Tara Ceremony

【TBSN News】Apr. 16, 2017, HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng Transmission of White Tara Practice.

Root Lineage Guru HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng will preside over a White Tara Ceremony

Date: Apr. 16, 2017
Location: Guang Long Banquet Hall (No. 672, Section 2, Yanping Road, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300)
Organizer: Fuyu Temple
Please contact Fuyu Temple for more information about the ceremony:
Tel: +886-3-5397972
Fax: +886-3-5302461
Facebook Page:台灣新竹福佑雷藏寺


Mudra: Interlace the fingers of both hands inwards. Place the middle fingers upright and touching while pointing the index fingers outward. Touch the thumbs lightly against the middle fingers. Hold the mudra in front of your chest.

Seed Syllable: ''Dan,'' white in color

Short Mantra: ''om。bie-zha。gu-ru。ye。so-ha。''

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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Source: TBSN
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