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What Is the Meaning of Life?

【TBSN News】 Dharma practitioners must reflect on this: Where does birth come from? Where does death lead us?
What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our existence?

【Reported by Master Liandian in Taichung, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Victor Hazen and DJ Chang】On March 18, 2017, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over an Adharma Buddha Homa Ceremony and bestowed empowerment for the Adharma Buddha Uncommon Practice. This was followed by the discourse on ''Lamdre.''

Following the homa, Living Buddha Lian-sheng announced that on March 22 the empowerment of the ''Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements Practice'' will be bestowed at Liansheng Cultivation Association in Taipei. This practice can purify one's home and altar. In addition, consuming the ''Nine Phoenix Eradicating Defilements'' talisman along with reciting its mantra can expel defilements from one's body.

Furthermore, two grand ceremonies will be held in the near future. They include the March 26 debut transmission of the Humsvaranadinitara Dharma at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center South Hall organized by Dayi Cultivation Association. Humsvaranadinitara is the fifth deity of the 21 Taras and the syllable ''Hum'' has the powers of purification, enhancement, harmonizing and subjugation. She is therefore very important.

Moreover, for the first time, on April 16, a White Tara Ceremony will be held in Xinzhu. Grandmaster will explain the important and profound key formulas of the White Tara Dharma that are extremely essential.

Next, Living Buddha Lian-sheng discoursed on the practice of making offerings. Anything fine and pleasant can be offered, and one can offer one's talents as well. The Buddhas and bodhisattvas will be joyous as long as one sincerely offers what one is capable of offering within one's means.

There was once a Catholic monk who performed circus juggling as his offering to the Virgin Mother Mary. Due to his sincerity in making offerings through his performances, Mother Mary appeared and blessed him by touching his head. Therefore, as long as one sincerely and wholeheartedly makes an offering of one's talents regardless of their type, the buddhas and bodhisattvas will joyously accept it.

Grandmaster encouraged the True Buddha School (TBS) to attract and nurture new talents and youth. In particular, Grandmaster hopes that every TBS chapter will motivate their members and disciples to participate in TBS Life Camps.

Grandmaster mentioned that Master Liandeng owed his attainments in spiritual cultivation to Master Lianmiao who had given him enormous support which made it possible for him to cultivate diligently and see through the cycle of birth and death. Because of Master Liandeng's enormous faith and confidence in Root Guru, he was completely fearless when ill. The strength of his faith enabled him to cut through the cycle of birth and death. It is crucial to understand that there is no birth, consequently, there will be no death - which is the foundation of spiritual attainment! Therefore, we must all break free from the cycle of birth and death. A practitioner must always contemplate: Where does birth come from, where does death lead one to, where was one before one was born, what is the purpose of life, and what gives our existence the most meaning!

The Principal Deity of today's ceremony is the first buddha, the Primordial Buddha. Adharma Buddha has many emanations. He emanated the Five Buddhas and the Dharma Prince of the Five Buddhas is Vajrasattva, the founder of Vajrayana. The lineage of Adharma Buddha is the greatest! The Practices of Mahamudra, the Great Perfection, the Great Perfection of Profound Wisdom, and Yamantaka were all transmitted by Adharma Buddha, who is also Vajradhara.

Adharma Buddha represents expedient means while Mahesvara Buddha Mother represents wisdom. The integration of wisdom and expedient means gives rise to the most perfect sacred wisdom of the universe.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng continued with a discourse on Lamdre. There are four levels of masters that correspond with the four types of empowerments. Masters at level one have attained accomplishments through ''hearing principles,'' ''contemplating principles'' and ''cultivating principles diligently.'' Masters at level two, three and four, on the other hand, have all attained their respective accomplishments through ''seeing,'' which means one truly sees ''qi.'' When one actually senses it, it is ''seeing.''

As such, one truly ''sees'' these accomplishments, i.e. one's inner fire rising, one's water falling, the unblocking of one's central channel, the opening of one's five major chakras, and finally seeing light. One must truly see these before obtaining the respective empowerment of the tantric inner cultivation practice, Highest Yoga Tantra, and the Great Perfection Dzogchen. It is only when a practitioner truly sees one's qi, and experiences the unblocking and opening of one's central channel that the level two empowerment is granted to that practitioner.

Next, when a practitioner ''sees'' one's inner psychic fire rising and one's water falling along with the accomplishment of non-leakage, one is then granted the third level empowerment. One is granted the fourth level empowerment when one sees light emitting from oneself.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Grandmaster emphasized that in his discourse of the Lamdre, not a single word is to be missed or omitted. He stressed that the explanation on teachings has to be very accurate and precise.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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