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The Mudras of Acala's Nine-character Mantra

【TBSN News】 Celebrations were held commemorating Living Buddha Lian-sheng's 31st renunciation anniversary. Living Buddha Lian-sheng demonstrated the mudras for Acala's Nine-character Mantra ''Lin, bing, dou, zhe, jie, zhen, lie, zai, qian,'' and the Golden Well Practice.

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edit by Henry Wolf and DJ Chang】On March 4, 2017, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over an Acala Homa Ceremony and bestowed empowerment for the Acala and Nine-character Mantra Uncommon Practices. This was followed by a discourse on ?Lamdre.?
Following the homa, Living Buddha Lian-sheng announced that:
  1. This week, once again, a disciple from Kaohsiung won the lottery.
  2. From now on, True Buddha School (TBS) masters will conduct guided reading of Grandmaster's books prior to inviting Grandmaster for book-signing, which will be held on the ''Tiger'' side.
  3. Dharma Sister Xiuzhen from France has resolved to translate Grandmaster's books into French. She has contributed her time and money to the translation, editing, publishing and marketing of Grandmaster's books. A few days ago a convenience store in France requested Dharma Sister Xiuzhen to continue to supply the store with the translated copies of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's books. This pre-order of books is a commendable result which shows that Dharma sister Xiuzhen has done an exceptional job in translating!
  4. Grandmaster hopes that everyone will become a member of the True Buddha Wisdom Trove as it is an outstanding website.
  5. Today we welcomed Mr Xiao Xinan, a descendant of Xiao Yan, Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty. In addition to being a disciple of TBS, Mr Xiao is also Honorary President of the Xiao Clan Association.
Living Buddha Lian-sheng went on to discourse Acala, the principal deity of today's homa ceremony. As the Lord of the Womb and Diamond Realms, Acala is the foremost of the Eight Wisdom Kings. Of the 10 wrathful deities Acala is the most wrathful. In Japanese Esoteric Buddhism Acala is more prevalent while in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism he is rarely seen.
Acala is a transformation of Vairocana Buddha. Of all the Wisdom Kings, Acala is the greatest and most powerful. Of the Five Great Wisdom Kings and Eight Great Vidyadharas it is Acala who is the highest.
Acala Mantra: ''Namo-san-man-duo。mu-tuo-nan。wa-ri-la。lan。han。''
The first deity one sees as one walks into Grandmaster's residence in Taiwan is none other than Acala.

Acala's face is expressive of great wrath, with one eye squinted and the other eye looking enraged. His mouth is tightly closed and his fangs are exposed (lower fangs protruding up while the upper fangs protruding down). Acala emits burning flames. In front of his chest in his right hand he bears a dragon sword that spouts phoenix flames and in his left hand he holds a vajra lasso. There are two seals suspended from the vajra lasso which are the seals of the Womb and Diamond Realms. Acala is usually depicted either standing or seated on a huge rock.

Acala's vows are: One who sees me will generate bodhicitta, one who hears my name will stop doing evil and begin doing good, one who listens to my teachings will obtain great wisdom, and one who knows my mind will attain buddhahood in the present body.
Living Buddha Lian-sheng demonstrated the mudras of Acala's Nine-character Mantra:
  1. Acala sheath-sword Mudra (root mudra).
  2. The Nine-character Mantra (Lin, bing, dou, zhe, jie, zhen, lie, zai, qian)
  3. Four Verticals Five Horizontals Mudra (Cutting-character Formula).
If one has difficulty sleeping at night, one can perform the Acala Cutting-character Formula of the Nine-character Mantra to ''cut'' one's bed and cast the vajra net around one's bed. As a result, all evil spirits, demons and monsters will be kept away from one's bed. The ''cutting'' practice of the Nine-character Mantra has the greatest power and is used most frequently by Grandmaster in his practices. Generally speaking, when performing the mudra one pushes both palms outward when pronouncing the character ''qian'' in the mantra ''lin, bing, dou, zhe, jie, zhen, lie, zai, qian.''

Apart from the practices of the Nine-character Mantra and the Golden Well, there is also the practice of ''Spiritual Affliction Removal with Rice & Garment.'' To perform this dharma one should cover an item of one's old clothing with some rice. After inserting three joss sticks into the rice one recites Acala's mantra. When the joss sticks have burned halfway down one throws the incense, rice, and cloth into one's backyard. This practice can eradicate evil spirits, eliminate distress, and provide help for children crying during the night. It is also effective for people with mental disorders.

Acala Sheath-sword Mudra, vows, appearance, mantras, and Four Verticals Five Horizontals Mudra.
The Golden Well Practice is used to treat illnesses (this ''treatment'' refers to folk therapy not standard medical treatment).

Living Buddha Lian-sheng continued with a discourse on the Lamdre. Living Buddha Lian-sheng mentioned in last week's dharma discourse that one should pay homage to four kinds of vajra masters:
  1. Masters who have externally cut off craving for wealth, sex, fame, food, and sleep.
  2. Vajra Masters who internally show the light of innate wisdom.
  3. Great Vajra Masters whose esoteric practice is superlative and who save sentient beings.
  4. Great Enlightened Vajra Masters who manifest the buddha nature of absolute suchness and awareness that all dharmas are pure.
There was once a disciple who was not aware of the four levels of Vajrayana vajra masters. Seeing that Grandmaster was called the ''Great Enlightened Vajra Master'' the disciple called himself ''The Great Light'' because he thought he could bestow this title on himself. He didn't know that the title ''Great Enlightened Vajra Master'' actually refers to a supremely accomplished vajra master.

Ever since Living Buddha Lian-sheng published an article called ''Obscuring the Facts'' followers of XX have responded with articles written in rebuttal. Even though XX made those claims on many occasions and in a number of places including Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, XX now denies that she ever did this. Despite disciples worldwide having come forward to inform Grandmaster they had witnessed XX make these claims, XX still denies it.

Master Zhao Shaodong happened to be present today. According to Master Zhao Shaodong, he knows a lot about XX's activities. In fact, because he knows more about XX's activities than Grandmaster himself does, Master Zhao remarked that he will assist in setting the record straight by making a comprehensive account of XX's activities.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng responded with a joke, ''Since the TBS has not yet reached it's quota everyone is welcome to take part.''
As for Grandmaster's wealth of tantric dharma, it is inexhaustible. Masters are therefore advised to learn and absorb it as much as possible. Ordinary disciples are advised to ''thoroughly practice one dharma'' to ensure rebirth in the buddha land.

Grandmaster mentioned ''coffee'' in his next joke. Grandmaster remarked that the ''coffee'' that Grandmaster is selling grants a person an eternal taste filled with dharma joy.

Following the ceremony Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Lianxiang celebrated Living Buddha Lian-sheng's 31st renunciation anniversary in advance. They also celebrated Grandmaster's 50th anniversary of book writing. Fellow disciples expressed their gratitude to Grandmaster for his dharma discourses and teachings. Here we take this opportunity to send wishes to our most beloved Root Guru ?''May his dharma reach and shower the Ten Dharma Realms and may his efforts for the liberation of sentient beings extend through thousands of generations.''

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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