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Debut Transmission of Humsvaranadinitara

【TBSN News】Wonderful News!Living Buddha Lian-sheng will preside over the debut transmission of Humsvaranadinitara!

We sincerely invite Root Lineage Guru HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng to preside over the first Humsvaranadinitara Ceremony.
Date:2:00 PM Sunday, Mar. 26, 2017
Location:Kaohsiung Exhibition Center South Hall
Organizer:True Buddha School Dayi Cultivation Association

【A Rare and Precious Dharma Opportunity. Brief Introduction to Humsvaranadinitara 】
Humsvaranadinitara is yellow in color. Her right hand forms the Wish-fulfilling Mudra while the left hand holds a lotus. A bow and arrow are above the lotus. In Vajrayana she is called ''Wish-fulfilling Vajra.'' In addition to fulfilling sentient being's wishes she protects practitioners, families, individuals, and even an entire country. Humsvaranadinitara originates from Amitabha. The fifth deity of the 21 Taras, Humsvaranadinitara is a transformation of Green Tara and of the same rank as Green Tara.

Humsvaranadinitara is also called the ''Sound of Hum Chi Zha Tara.'' ''Hum'' stands for great compassionate bodhicitta whereas ''chi zha'' means the absolute wisdom of emptiness. ''Sound of Hum Chi Zha Tara'' sends out sounds of compassion and wisdom that pervade the entire Desire Realm, Form Realm, and Formless Realm. Her feet trample on the hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, asura, heaven, and bardo realms. She can summon, subdue, and save all evil and heretic beings. As long as one is usually spiritually sensitive to Humsvaranadinitara, one can conquer all hindrances which arise during cultivation. Moreover, one is able to save infinite numbers of tangible and intangible sentient beings and freely propagate the buddhadharma.

The meaning of ''hum'' is ''accomplishment.'' The ''sound of accomplishment'' resounding throughout the Seven Realms reveals the magnificence of the deity's dharma power.
According to Grandmaster's teaching, keeping Humsvaranadinitara's ''hum'' in mind increases one's positive energy and that of others as well. It can also subjugate enemies and facilitate the successful accomplishment of all undertakings.

By praying to Humsvaranadinitara one is rewarded with continuous good fortune while bad luck is eradicated. The saving of sentient beings, however, is far more significant.
Regarding the more important and profound key formulas we shall look forward to Grandmaster's transmission and discourse of the magnificent essence of Humsvaranadinitara on Mar. 26.

Praise Verse:
To Humsvaranadinitara I pay homage
Her sound pervades the Realms of Desire, Form, and Formless
Trampling the seven realms beneath her feet
She summons all, leaving none behind

◎Everyone is welcome to download Humsvaranadinitara files so that Humsvaranadinitara accompanies you always and accomplishes all your wishes!
Download Humsvaranadinitara to your computer or cell phone to receive positive energy and protection from Humsvaranadinitara at all times. Wishing everyone health, good fortune, perfect wisdom, smooth undertakings, wealth forever, and cultivation accomplishment.

The organizing unit specially provides depictions of Humsvaranadinitara in various resolutions suitable for both desktop computers and cell phones. Welcome to download and we hope everyone will receive Humsvaranadinitara's compassionate blessings!

Desktop version
Cell phone version
Grandmaster 7 personal recitations of the Humsvaranadinitara mantra
Registration forms (WORD、PDF、JPG) for the Humsvaranadinitara Ceremony on Mar. 26, 2017

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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