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Shin Lung's Wishes Were All Fulfilled

【TBSN News】Two years ago well-known Taiwanese artist and True Buddha School disciple Shin Lung won the grand prize in the lottery.

Shin Lung expressed his gratitude for Grandmaster's blessings. He has attended many of Grandmaster's ceremonies, including the Red Manohara Vasudhara Ceremony, and has often sought Grandmaster's blessings to have children, to get married, etc. All his wishes came true. The spiritual responses have been tremendous!

【Reported by Master Shi Liandian from Nantou, Translated by Henry Wolf, Edited by DJ Chang】On Feb. 25, 2017, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, Living Buddha Lian-sheng conducted a Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony, bestowed empowerment for the Red Manohara Vasudhara Uncommon Practice, and discoursed the Lamdre.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng first remarked that Red Manohara Vasudhara is extraordinary and superb and her spiritual responsiveness is truly phenomenal. Fellow disciple Ms. Nuntaya Komarakul na nakorn (Ying) from Thailand participated in a Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony conducted by Living Buddha Lian-sheng and has cultivated this dharma ever since. For three years in a row up to today she has continuously won lottery prizes. This kind of authentic spiritual response is truly amazing!

During today's ceremony Living Buddha Lian-sheng once again actually saw the treasure spewing mongoose Red Manohara Vasudhara holds in her hand open its mouth and spew gold, dollars, and NT1,000 bills ?It appears that more disciples with enormous good fortune are going to win the lottery.

Speaking of winning the lottery, many have probably heard TV reports about True Buddha School disciple Shin Lung winning the lottery grand prize two years ago. Shin Lung participated in both the Kurukulle Ten Directions Arrow Shooting Ceremony and the Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony conducted by Grandmaster. Shin Lung also frequently sought Grandmaster's blessings for children, marriage...all that he wished for was fulfilled.

When Amitabha Buddha was establishing the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss Red Manohara Vasudhara, a fortune god transformed from a buddha, was by his side accompanying him as he travelled through a trillion buddha lands. Red Manohara Vasudhara came swirling out from Amitabha Buddha's immovable heart carrying a ''Vajra Hook'' to hook the quintessence of each buddha land, thus establishing the entire Western Pure Land of Ultimate bliss.

Red Manohara Vasudhara brought all the gold into the Western Pure Land and paved the ground of the Western Pure Land with gold. She brought in trees made of seven treasures from the Huayan Pure Land. She brought in ambrosia and transformed it into water with eight merits. She brought in Indra's Luminous Pearl Net to make countless palaces. Thus, the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss became the most perfect and the richest of all the Buddha Pure Lands.

Red Manohara Vasudhara is therefore the greatest wealth deity in the Western Pure Land and has dominion over all the wealth deities. A practitioner's attainment of spiritual union with Red Manohara Vasudhara is equivalent to attainment of spiritual union with Amitabha Buddha. One thereby attains the wisdom of the tathagata and spiritual union with Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva. In addition, the practitioner attains spiritual union with each of the five Jambalas of Vajrayana Buddhism and all the other wealth deities as well. This is the wonderful attribute of Red Manohara Vasudhara.

Her mantra is: ''om。ma-ruo-ha-ri-ah。ha-ri-ah。om。 yin-ku-sa。yin-ku-sa。seh-seh-seh。hum-hum-hum。pei。so-ha。''
One must also recite Red Manohara Vasudhara's Praise Verse:
Boundless past deeds of virtues,
Transmute into wealth, longevity, and magnificence.
Buddha Mother bestows upon practitioner riches and treasure,
I pay homage to the Enriching Buddha Mother.

If disasters occur one can hook them away with the Vajra Hook and get rid of them. Red Manohara Vasudhara can accomplish love and respect, eliminate disasters, and eradicate illnesses.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng remarked that the True Buddha School is the ''lottery winning school.'' Among the lottery prizes won by disciples was a prize of US$55 million won by Lotus Suomai, as soon as Lotus Suomai won the prize he was scared off by a master who tried to get money from him. I can now reveal that the master who scared Lotus Suomai off was none other than XX. Besides this prize there have been many other disciples who won first and second prizes, too many to mention. For this reason we can call the True Buddha School the ''lottery winning school.''

Living Buddha Lian-sheng continued his discourse on the Lamdre. In Vajrayana there are four kinds of vajra masters worthy of respect:
  1. A vajra master who has externally cut off craving for wealth, sex, fame, food, and sleep is called a ''Master.'' (accomplishment of external practice)
  2. A vajra master who internally shows the light of innate wisdom is called a ''Vajra Master.'' (accomplishment of internal practice)
  3. A vajra master whose esoteric practice is superlative and who saves sentient beings is called a ''Great Vajra Master.'' (accomplishment of Highest Yoga Tantra)
  4. A vajra master who manifests the buddha nature of absolute suchness and awareness that all dharmas are pure is called a ''Great Enlightened Vajra Master.'' (accomplishment of enlightenment)
Living Buddha Lian-sheng once directly revealed the meaning of ''enlightenment'' to Ven. Guoxian. One who understands the buddha nature can be called ''enlightened.'' Otherwise, one cannot be called ''enlightened.'' One may have the tremendous supernatural powers of a bodhisattva, but if one has not yet attained the state of enlightenment one cannot be called ''enlightened.''

What is a ''vajra master with true authenticity?'' A vajra master whose enlightenment is authentic and unfabricated. If one always lies, deceives, and has no authenticity, what kind of vajra master is one?

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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Source: TBSN
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