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TBS Line Creators' Stickers

Great New!!! TBS Line Creators' stickers are now available in LINE STORE for download and purchase

There are four sets of stickers including both regular stickers and vivid dynamic stickers. These cute, lovely, and interesting stickers were created by the TBSN art staff who, using the image of Grandmaster as the design base, evolved the designs through many brainstorming sessions.

Xiaobian likes the dynamic The Joyful Child 4 ''Victory'' sticker the best. I use this sticker to inform everyone whenever winning a contest or prize. (I am going to treat you!)

Everybody please inform everyone to support and purchase these Line Creators?stickers of The Joyful Child sets. All proceeds will be used for online undertakings of dharma propagation. Everyone is welcome to download and purchase them!!!!!

The Joyful Child 1:

The Joyful Child 2:

The Joyful Child 3:
Cute version. It brings joy to every corner in the world. Who would not be influenced by it?

The Joyful Child 4:
Dynamic sticker. Let's move! It is full of energy!
Source: TBSN
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