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Living Buddha Lian-sheng Blessed the Shrine of Dharma Realms in the Ten Directions with the Mahabala Staff

【TBSN News】It was unprecedented and received worldwide attention! During Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu's second transmission of the ''Mahabala Uncommon Practice,'' he blessed and established boundary protection for the shrine of dharma realms
in the ten directions with the ''Mahabala Staff!'' Powerful grandeur invincibly swept away all evil spirits!

On this day Golden Mother of the Jade Pond will eliminate the five ghost ringleaders as well as all other evil spirits who have been disturbing and harming practitioners.

【Reported by Master Shi Liandian from Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Henry Wolf and DJ Chang】

On Dec. 31, the last day of 2016, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over a Mahabala Fire Offering Ceremony. Living Buddha Lian-sheng transmitted the Mahabala Uncommon Practice for the second time and also bestowed empowerment for the Purity Restoration Practice and the Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Practice.

Prior to the homa, as representatives, Master Lianou, Chairman of the True Buddha School Vajrayana Association of R. O. C., Master Lianzhe, Abbott of Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, and Master Lianzai, Deputy Abbott of Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, reverently invited Living Buddha Lian-sheng to transmit the dharma. As tokens of highest respect they offered Living Buddha Lian-sheng items made of pure gold including a vajra staff, a vajra lasso, a celestial whisk, etc.

What was extraordinary and unprecedented was that after blessing and setting the boundary of the homa burner, Living Buddha Lian-sheng used the Mahabala Staff to bless and establish the boundary of the shrine of dharma realms in the ten directions.
Powerful grandeur invincibly swept away all evil spirits!

Later, during the dedication of merit, Living Buddha Lian-sheng specially prayed that all those who had been injured or disturbed by ghosts would recover and that they would be healthy in body and mind. Living Buddha Lian-sheng prayed to Amitabha, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and Mahabala that all ghosts and evil spirits who have been disturbing and harming True Buddha School disciples would be eliminated. Additionally, Living Buddha Lian-sheng prayed that all evil spirits will be banished and all devils eliminated.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng discoursed that today Golden Mother of the Jade Pond would eliminate the five ghost ringleaders and all other ghosts who have been creating hindrances, sending them off to reincarnate according to their karma.

The implements that Mahabala holds are: 1) vajra staff - to knock out ghosts; 2) celestial whisk - to purify their karma; 3) lasso - to tie ghosts up!

Following the directive given by Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, Living Buddha Lian-sheng sacrificed his status as dharma king in order to rescue disciples who were suffering and having difficulties. Living Buddha Lian-sheng has always rescued sentient beings with great compassion and sincere mercy. Mahabala is the True Buddha School's vajra deity of precepts.

During the course of today's ceremony, Grandmaster was visibly upset as he spoke of the enormous tragedy that befell the wife of Master Yang, the pain and suffering that Master Lianshi had endured for more than ten years, and the broken family and harmed family members of Grandmaster's own painting teacher Ms. Zhu… Grandmaster emphasized that there are actually so many witnesses and so much evidence of what has been occurring that it would be impossible to bring each and every person up on stage to testify as to their own personal experience.

Fortunately, even though XX menacingly avowed that according to the Earth God they would both die within a year, Mr Luo, the Chapter Chairperson of Perth True Buddha Association in Perth, Australia, and his wife have continued living well for three more years because they have maintained a right state of mind with the strength of firm faith in Grandmaster and have kept the Root Guru above their crowns. Grandmaster said: ''This time XX's load of rubbish fell flat on the ground!''

Living Buddha Lian-sheng mentioned that XX not only enjoys faking, but she can also be considered the ''Queen of Liars.'' XX also claims she can ''communicate'' with animals... even with the spirits of mosquitoes, flies, crabs, spiders, cockroaches, chameleons, and even toy teddy bears. She is truly a ''lying, cheating female demon!''

On one occasion when XX went out to a venue to spread the dharma, the dharma brother who was driving her had a fender-bender with another car on the way there. XX told the dharma brother that actually, XX was there with him for the purpose of ''delivering'' him and the dharma brother was originally fated to have a serious, fatal accident. However, due to XX being there with him, XX was ''able to turn a major accident into a minor accident.'' As a result, the dharma brother was deeply grateful and immediately gave XX a generous offering.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng once again seriously warned XX that she has already violated the ''Fourteen Vajrayana Root Precepts:''
  1. Showing disrespect for the guru in body, speech, and mind
    Ten years ago, XX told Dharma Instructor Zun Pintang that her greatest regret was taking refuge in ''him'' (meaning ''Grandmaster.'')
    While on a plane, XX's attendant heard XX continuously deriding and berating Grandmaster. This incident made this attendant realize that there was something wrong about XX. As a result, this attendant left immediately and kept far away from XX.
  2. Having no regard for the rules laid down by the Buddha
    A question for XX: Does Sutrayana teach one to worship ghosts and establish golden statues of ghosts?!
    Another question for XX: Does Vajrayana teach one to worship ghosts and establish golden statues of ghosts?!
  3. Accusing fellow vajra brothers and sisters
    For longer than a decade, every letter that XX wrote to Grandmaster was full of insults to other masters or the True Buddha Foundation. She bad mouthed anyone she didn't like. XX was taking turns berating this master for doing this or that master for doing that…
  4. Abandoning compassion for sentient beings and being jealous of others
    XX even advised a dharma sister in Hong Kong who was already eight months pregnant to get an abortion. XX, where is your compassion?
  5. Relinquishing bodhicitta due to difficulties
    XX always advises people to get divorced, sell off the family property, and then go to XX's cultivation venue in San Francisco with the money?She has long lost her sense of compassion.
  6. Slander the Sutrayana and Vajrayana scriptures by saying that they did not originate from Buddha Shakyamuni
    May I inquire whether you have read the Five Great Sastras? You basically do not understand Sutrayana or Vajrayana sutras and have actually never even studied them.
  7. Transmitting Vajrayana teachings without obtaining the proper empowerment and credentials
    XX, you have given True Buddha disciples blessings and empowerments which no one has ever heard of before. May I inquire as to whether anyone has ever heard of a ''Big Foot Mudra Empowerment'' in Vajrayana?
  8. Abusing and attachment to the five skandhas
    XX you inflicted harm on everyone's five aggregates.
  9. Being skeptical or doubtful about Emptiness and Existence
    XX, you have intimidated disciples into giving you money. How is your mind ''void?''
  10. Being friends with those who slander the buddhadharma and harm other sentient beings
    XX, you made offerings to five ghost ringleaders and harmed the disciples of Sanchong Cultivation Association! You harmed Master Lianshi! You harmed Teacher Zhu! You harmed Xu Ruiguang! Does the buddhadharma teach you to cultivate ghosts?
  11. Indulging in one's own accomplishments and forgetting the purpose of practicing the Vajrayana
    XX, you have stated that ''purple light overpowers white light.'' You said that only you are able to visit Maha Twin Lotus Ponds to see Grandmaster and confer with him. But I am telling everyone today that Grandmaster has never held any conference with you! …
  12. Failing to transmit the authentic Dharma and obstructing others' virtuous roots
    XX, you do not talk about Vajrayana teachings. Instead, you only talk about communicating with ghosts. When you see a mosquito you talk to the mosquito! When you saw that a wealthy donor was about to smack a spider in his room you stopped him and said ''Don't squash it! That spider is your elder brother from a former lifetime…'' You confuse people. The wealthy donor has since lost faith in buddhadharma. You destroy the wisdom roots of sentient beings.
  13. Practicing without a complete set of tantric implements and materials
    Since XX has no basic understanding of the tantric dharma, what ''dharma implements'' are there to speak of?
  14. Despising women
    XX has been berating and insulting Shimu for 10, 20 years now.
Therefore, XX, you have violated each and every one of the Fourteen Root Tantric Precepts! Where else do you expect to go but Vajra Hell!

Mahabala is the integration of Amitabha, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, Ksitigharba Bodhisattva, Padmakumara, and Mahabala. The heart mantra of Mahabala is: ''Om, ma-ha-ba-la-ye, so-ha.''

Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Mantra;
''Om, ma-ha-ba-la-ye, hum-hum-pei.''
One arm holds a staff - for knocking enemies out.
One arm holds a lasso - for binding.
One arm holds a celestial whisk - for purifying karmic hindrances.
One hand forms the Tarjani Mudra - for expressing subjugation.

In conclusion, Living Buddha Lian-sheng discoursed that attaining spiritual union with Mahabala is equivalent to attaining spiritual union with Amitabha, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, Padmakumara, Ksitigharba Bodhisattva, and Mahabala.

Today I will ''restore everyone's purity!'' I am telling everyone, do not make offerings to ghosts, do not worship ghosts, do not enshrine ghosts, and do not use ghosts!

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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