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Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Lianxiang Visit Fahua Chapter

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【TBSN News】Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Lianxiang Visit Fahua Chapter in Jiayi City

【Reported from Jiayi City by Master Shi Liandian, Translated by Henry Wolf, Edited by DJ Chang】
On Dec. 29, 2016 Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Master Lianxiang made a visit to Fahua Chapter in Jiayi City with an entourage of about 100 individuals, including Prof. Wang Jinxian, Dharma Sister Chen, Reverend Lianying, the Directors of Fahua Chapter, and disciples. All were showered with Buddha's light.

After bestowing a treasured scroll of his calligraphy to the chapter, Grandmaster consecrated, blessed, and purified the shrine. He then answered questions asked openly by Fahua Chapter disciples and explained the profound meaning of enlightenment. Grandmaster discoursed that: Confucianism is to enlighten one about ''propriety'' whereas in Taoism enlightenment is ''being unconditioned.'' In Buddhism enlightenment is ''emptiness.'' The statement in the Heart Sutra that ''A bodhisattva is because of nothing to be gained'' is the core meaning of enlightenment. It's because of realizing ''nothing whatsoever is obtainable'' that one is able to let go of everything and accomplish the bodhisattva path.

Dharma Sister Chen asked Grandmaster about his book The Sobbing of Niuchou River where Grandmaster expresses his feelings about his birthplace, Jiayi City. She wanted to know if, with his present state of mind, Grandmaster still saw Niuchou River ''sobbing.'' Grandmaster replied wisely: ''In the eyes of an enlightened person there is no Niuchou River and there is no sobbing…''

Grandmaster's words of enlightenment perfectly concluded the evening's ceremony and once again stirred the minds and souls of his disciples.

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Source: TBSN
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