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H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng Handing out Christmas Gifts

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【TBSN Express】H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng promptly handed out Christmas gifts to 30 children at the end of the 2016 calendar year.
At the same time, to mark the 50th anniversary of H.H.'s writing and book publication, 10,000 books were given away
hence tying the precious knot of dharma affinity with sentient beings.

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Shelley Higgins and DJ Chang 】
Tomorrow marks the happy occasion of Christmas ~On December 24, 2016, slightly earlier than usual, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng and Shimu Lianxiang visited the Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple and spent time making dumplings with everyone. They handed out Christmas gifts and celebrated Christmas in advance!

With the long term public interest at heart and a caring attitude towards disadvantaged groups, today H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng presented 30 children with Christmas gifts. Each and every child rejoiced on receiving the gifts.

At the same time, to mark the 50th anniversary of H.H.Living Buddha Lian-sheng's book-writing and publication in 2017, 10,000 books were given away. Because of today's momentous occasion there were a number of news and media representatives onsite in Taiwan interviewing H.H Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

Following this, led by Shimu Lianxiang a.k.a. Team Leader Xiangxiang, the Sunshine Dance Group gave a special Christmas performance to mark the occasion. The lively and youthful dance performance created a warm and cheerful atmosphere for the audience!

Video link to the special Christmas performance of the Sunshine Dance Group led by Shimu Lianxiang a.k.a.Team Leader Xiangxiang:
Video link to the special Christmas performance II of the Sunshine Dance Group led by Shimu Lianxiang a.k.a.Team Leader Xiangxiang:

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Source: TBSN
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