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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Vaishravana

On Sunday, Sep. 02, 2018, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Vaishravana Homa Ceremony, discourse Lamdre, and bestow empowerment for Vaishravana Uncommon. (Live Webcast Link:

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【Vaishravana Mudra :】

The forefingers point outward while the tips of the middle fingers and ring fingers are touching. The little fingers are interlaced inward with the two thumbs straightened and touching side by side.

【Vaishravana Seed Syllable :】


【Vaishravana Mantra :】


【Vaishravana Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Vaisravana has a gold-colored body, one head and two arms. He wears a jeweled crown while holding a precious umbrella in his right hand. His left hand holds a mongoose ''Niulie.'' This ''Niulie'' spews all kinds of treasures and wealth. Vaisravana is seated in the half lotus position upon a prostrate white lion. His entire body is adorned with jewels and gemstone necklaces. The sun and moon appear over his right and left shoulders respectively. He possesses a heaven treasury full of unlimited wealth and riches.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk - Vaishravana Background and Magnificence】

Vaisravana is the richest deity in the dharma realm. Another name for Vaisravana is Dhanada. Yellow Jambhala is namely Vaisravana. Actually, because Yellow Jambhala and Vaisravana are one and the same deity, their mantras are equally powerful. Few people know that Vaisravana is Yellow Jambhala. Vaisravana is a Jambhala, also known as Duowen Heavenly King.

It is stated in the sutras that: Vaisravana is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, serving as Indra's outer courtier. Because he protects and supports the world, he is also called world protector. His Sanskrit name is Bishamon, which is translated as Duowen in Chinese. He is the leader of all the yakṣas and the guardian of the northern direction. He resides in the northern crystal palace of Mt. Sumeru. It is stated in the sutras that during the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Heavenly Kings vowed before Shakyamuni to protect the Buddhadharma and provide sentient beings with sufficient wealth and provisions to accomplish worldly dharma undertakings. In Tibetan Vajrayana, Vaisravana is called ''Namthose.'' He is an emanation of Ratnasambhava, one of the Five Buddhas. Vaisravana is surrounded by a retinue of eight wealth deities on horseback who are in charge of the Heaven Treasury of the Eight Directions respectively. This retinue assists Vaisravana in saving sentient beings and fulfilling their wishes.

Vaisravana's background is extraordinary. Tsongkhapa, the patriarch of the Gelug sect, entered monastic life when he was quite young. His guru was Dhondup Rinchen Rinpoche. The first empowerment Dhondup Rinchen Rinpoche bestowed on Tsongkhapa was Vaisravana; the second, Mahakala-Daheitian; and the third, Vajrapani Bodhisattva. Vaisravana was therefore the personal deity of Tsongkhapa. With Vaisravana, one's provisions, merit and good luck will never be lacking.

Vaisravana has a common mudra which is similar to the Green Tara Mudra. The forefingers point outward while the tips of the middle fingers and little fingers are touching. The little fingers are interlaced inward with the two thumbs straightened and touching side by side. This is the Vaisravana mudra.

Vaisravana and Padmakumara are both Great Fortune Vajras who bestow wealth and riches. Vaisravana's heart mantra is: ''Om。pei。xia-wa。na-ye。so-ha.''

The depiction of Vaisravana is basically the same as Yellow Jambhala except that Vaisravana has one foot stepping on a lotus.

!!Please be aware that before anyone can practice the above uncommon practices, it is advised and recommended that they take refuge and the respective empowerment; alternatively one must face inherent resulting cause and effect!!

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