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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Mahottara Heruka

On Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, 2:00pm, at Linkou Statdium, Taoyuan, Taiwan, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Mahottara Homa Ceremony and bestow empowerment for Mahottara Uncommon Practice, The 100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, Bardo Deliverance Practice, and Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes. (Live Webcast Link: )

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【Mahottara Heruka Mudra :】

                                             GM Demo

Put your palms together. Open the lower part of the palms while keeping the middle three finger tips touching.

【Mahottara Heruka Seed Syllable :】

                      Hum (blue in color)

【Mahottara Heruka Mantra :】


【Mahottara Heruka Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Mahottara Heruka emanates from the Primordial Buddha. He has 21 faces, 42 arms and 8 legs. In every hand he is holding a bright mirror, each of which shows one of the 42 peaceful deities. The 42 peaceful deities include the Primordial Buddha, the Mahesvara Buddha Mother, the Five Buddhas, Five Buddha Mothers, eight major Bodhisattvas, eight major Bodhisattva consorts, four wise kings, four wise kings' wrathful queens, and six munis. Mahattara Heruka's Buddha mother has nine faces, eighteen arms, and four legs. Two of her hands hold a Kartika and skull-cup while her remaining hands hold a shining mirror. She has a beast-like face and appears wrathful.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk - Mahottara Heruka Background and Magnificence】

Mahottara Heruka is also called ''Whole Body Clairvoyant Eye Vajra.'' Besides the 42 peaceful deities, there are an additional 58 wrathful deities. Together there are 100 peaceful and wrathful deities, also called ''The 100 Civil and Military Deities.''

During the Tang Dynasty the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra was popular. The first Buddha mentioned in the High King sutra is the Pure Light Secret Buddha. Most people don't know who that is, however I must inform you that the Pure Light Secret Buddha is Adharma Buddha, the Primordial Buddha, and Mahottara Heruka, his transformation.

The top part of Mahottara Heruka's symbol is a circle with a dot inside. The dot, which symbolizes the totality of all buddhas, represents the Primordial Buddha. The lower part of the symbol looks like ''川, chuan.'' This ''chuan'' symbolizes the net of great illusion and the manifestation of everything. What is the original meaning of Mahottara Heruka? It is just Mahottara Heruka, nothing else. Who is he the emanation of? He is the vajra emanation of Adharma, the primordial buddha.

Mahottara Heruka emits a hundred lights. Normally, a deity who emits three lights is already magnificent. Mahottara Heruka, however, emits a hundred lights.

Very few in either the human or heavenly realms know the practice of ''100,000 Recitations of Mahottara Heruka'' that I transmit. However, fake practices of ''100,000 Recitations of Mahottara Heruka'' do exist in the human world.
I divide ''100,000 Recitations of Mahottara Heruka'' into five major sections. They are ''Body,'' ''Speech,'' ''Mind,'' ''Merit,'' and ''Karma.''
Additionally, it also has ''cultivation'' and ''yoga'' sections.
For the ''Body'' section, I expound on ''Shakyamuni Preliminaries,'' ''The Elephant King Practice,'' and ''The Elephant King Entering Water.''
As for the ''Speech'' section, I explain ''Moon Palace Light Drops,'' ''Single Practice,'' and ''Hayagriva Vajra.''
For the ''Mind'' section, I describe ''The Secret of Auspiciousness and Wish-fulfilling,'' ''The Secret of Unification of Three Flowers,'' and ''The secret of Thousand Lotus.''
In regards to the section on ''Merit,'' I teach ''The most Extraordinary and Supreme Auspiciousness,'' ''The Supreme Nectar,'' and ''Wish-fulfilling Mani Jewel Practice.''
And for the ''Karma'' section, I expound on ''The Secret of Cluster of Stars,'' ''The Ignition of Illuminating Light,'' and ''The Brilliance of Swastika.''
In addition, I lecture on ''Perfect Dharma Characters,'' ''The Tantra of Mind,'' ''Endless Vows and Infinite Illusory Bodies,'' and ''The Great Merit of the Illusory Net.''

What is the fundamental meaning of ''Mahottara Heruka?'' It has two words. The change from the initial state to the myriad phenomena and then returning from the myriad phenomena back to the very beginning is very special. Why is it this way? Returning to the beginning from the current myriad state is what all practitioners are cultivating. Today, whether you are practicing buddhadharma, Taoism, or Tantric dharma, you are returning from the myriad to one, from one to zero, from zero to Buddha, and to unification with the Tao. What is the human world? The human world is actually a great illusion. All phenomena are illusions.
Returning to the initial state in cultivation is reverting oneself back to the primordial state. Through this practice one can attain the three-bodies. This is the secret key to succeeding in the Mahottara Heruka practice. It is meant for human beings like us to cultivate and return to the primordial buddha of Adharma and to Mahottara Heruka.

His mudra represents the character ''川.'' However when you form the mudra, your fingers are together whereas the three strokes of ''川'' are separated. Now we have his mudra, his image, and his mantra ''Om。bie-zha。zhuo-da。Ma-ha-seh。xi-li。he-ru-ka。hum-pei。''
I have revealed the key formula to this practice. The combination of his mudra, image, and mantra establishes the sadhana of Mahottara Heruka. Realizing that this mundane world is a great illusion and all phenomena are just a magical net, I was enlightened with buddha nature. The profound principle for illuminating the mind and seeing one's buddha nature lies herein. There is actually nothing to gain in the world!

Mahottara Heruka has eyes all over his body. For this reason he is also called ''Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes.'' The practice is to visualize an eye at one's crown aperture and sacral chakra respectively. The two eyes look at each other, seeing one's central channel. Next visualize an eye at each ear and the two eyes looking at each other. One then visualizes one's body being just eyes everywhere, eyes on each shoulder looking at each other, and eyes from head to foot. There is an eye on the sole of each foot, on each knee, and even on each kidney. These pairs of eyes are all looking at each other. Eventually there are eyes all over the body looking at each other. When one's light manifests within one's heart all the eyes will radiate light and one will be able to see the entire universe and all worlds. Everything, from the most minute to the entire cosmos, will be revealed to one's sight. This is called ''Whole Body Clairvoyant Eye Vajra'' namely, Mahottara Heruka.
In this kind of cultivation practice one's body is transformed into eyes. There is an eye in every pore radiating light. As the light shines out one can see internally into one's body on the micro scale and everywhere throughout the entire universe on the macro scale. This is how to cultivate ''Great Perfection Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes'' which is part of Mahottara Heruka Practice.

Mahottara Heruka contains one hundred peaceful and wrathful deities. Through Mahottara Heruka's guidance, these hundred peaceful and wrathful deities will appear at the termination of one's life. It is a phenomenon manifested while one is being guided to be reborn in the pure land.
When one's life is about to be terminated, one will see a strong light appearing before one. One then merges with the light which is the primordial light, the light of primordial buddha nature.This light does not come from anywhere else but only from one's own buddha nature light. One will have two chances to see the light. Once missing the two chances, one can only wait for next opportunity of the appearance of a deity who is either peaceful, wrathful, or half-peaceful and half-wrathful. In other words, this third opportunity is to wait for one's principal deity to appear so one can merge with the principal deity. The fourth chance is when one's dharma protector appears, and then one is able to merge with the protector. At this point, one has only one opportunity left and this is the appearance of the wrathful and smiling principal deity. If one even misses this fifth opportunity, then one will be reincarnated in the six realms and be unable to be reborn in the pure land.

Mahottara Heruka Sadhana
Mahottara Heruka in Book 245, Odd and Odder, by Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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