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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Green Tara and 21 Taras

On Sunday, Apr. 8, 2018, 2:00 PM, at International Convention Center Kaohsiung, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Green Tara Calamity Eradication and Country Protection Ceremony, debut the transmission of the key cultivation formulas of Green Tara and Bodhicitta, and bestow empowerment for Green Tara Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link: or

【Tara Mudra :】

Interlace the fingers of both hands inwards; place the middle fingers upright touching and point the index fingers apart. Touch the thumbs lightly against the middle fingers. (hold the mudra in front of your chest)

【Tara Seed Syllable :】


【Green Tara Mantra :】


【Tara Mantra :】


【Green Tara Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Green Tara has one head and two arms. She holds a lotus (utpala) in both hands. Her body is jade green, delicate, and beautiful. Her right foot extends downward. Her right hand rests upon her right knee with the palm facing outward forming the Wish-fulfilling Mudra while holding a lotus.

Green Tara wears a small five-buddha crown. Adorned with jewels and radiating rainbow light, she is elegant, magnificent and incomparably beautiful. Her foot extends downward to symbolize saving sentient beings anytime and anywhere needed.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Green Tara and Twenty-one Taras Background and Key Cultivation Formula】

In Tibetan Vajrayana, Green Tara is a great world-saving bodhisattva. Many female Vajrayana practitioners practice this deity. Green Tara sits upon a white lotus dais and upholds her vow. As she was transformed from an Avalokitesvara's sorrowful teardrop that fell out of great compassion for all sentient beings, Green Tara's compassion is the greatest. Her image is that of a loving mother who would save her children anytime.

Green Tara's right hand rests upon her right knee with the palm facing outward forming the Wish-fulfilling Mudra while holding a lotus symbolizing her wish to bestow lotus flowers upon world. Her left hand holds a lotus in full bloom. Atop the lotus are two more lotuses, one in bud and the other half-blossomed The three lotuses signify that Green Tara keeps her vow of taking refuge in Buddhadharma through the three times of past, present, and future.

In Tibetan Vajrayana, Green Tara, also known as Tara, has 21 emanations. She and White Tara are regarded as sisters. Green Tara is a great bodhisattva who is highly venerated by Vajrayana practitioners. She is the easiest to get close to and the easiest to attain spiritual union with. Some practitioners cultivate only Green Tara Dharma for their entire lives, and through this practice obtain great wisdom. By sincerely chanting her name and reciting her mantra, one will eventually reach attainment.

Green Tara consists of 22 deities. Green Tara is the primary deity, and the other 21 deities are all Taras. The practices of the 21 deities and the all-inclusive practice of Green Tara constitute 22 dharmas altogether. Attaining spiritual union with Green Tara is equivalent to attaining spiritual union with the 21 Taras. One may apply this practice toward any country, on any day, at any time, at any place, or on any person. The 21 Taras are capable of managing anything that may transpire in this world. Since attainment of spiritual union with Green Tara is equivalent to attainment of spiritual union with all the Taras, one will be able to easily attain spiritual union with Marici and Ekajati. This is the special feature of Green Tara cultivation. The division of each Tara's work is well-defined. The 21 Taras are in charge of 21 kinds of calamities and 21 kinds of blessings, which include everything.

Green Tara has three pure lands; Blissful Pure Land, Mount Potalaka Pure Land, and the turquoise-colored Yulod Kurpa Pure Land, which belongs solely to Green Tara.

Practitioners of Vajrayana should know that it's relatively easy to attain spiritual union by cultivating the Tara Sadhana. In ancient times, there were many patriarchs who took Green Tara as their principal deity. The first was the great Nagarjuna Bodhisattva, patriarch of the Middle Path Sect. In the Kagyu Sect, patriarchs Tilopa and Naropa also cultivated Green Tara. Chandrakirti, Bhavaviveka, and Venerable Atisha all cultivated Green Tara. Padmasambhava also practiced Green Tara and attained spiritual union. The first Tara Padmasambhava attained spiritual union with was Simhamukha.

There was a time when Vajrayana seemed to have disappeared from India. Seeking dharma transmission from Suvarnadvipi Dharmakīrti, Venerable Atisha traveled to Jambi, Java of Indonesia to find him. Atisha had already practiced Green Tara Dharma at Jogyakarta near Barabudur prior to seeking guidance from Suvarnadvipi Dharmakīrti. Atisha brought the Green Tara Dharma back to India and then transmitted it to Tibet. The reason Tibet has the Green Tara Dharma is because Venerable Atisha brought it there.

I hope the True Buddha Foundation will be able to publish the Green Tara Sadhana, because now we have her image, mantra, and mudra, which represent the body, speech, and mind of Green Tara respectively. It's relatively easy to attain spiritual union with Green Tara, although one many also attain spiritual union with White Tara or Guanyin.

There are three benefits to practicing Green Tara:
  1. One's heart will transform into a compassionate heart that wants to save the world, and one's mind will transform into the great bodhi mind of no-birth and no-death.
  2. One then reaches enlightenment and sees the buddha nature. One's pure land will be the Realm of Eternally Quiescent Light.
  3. One will be able to accomplish all worldly blessings and wisdom by starting from practices based on material form that bring worldly fortune and rewards. Later, by exercising detachment from material form, one will attain the supermundane pure land.
The vows of the Green Tara are a truly unique and compassionate dharma. This great compassionate bodhisattva will provide refuge to evildoers no matter what kind of malicious acts the evildoers may have perpetrated (except for the heinous act of guru betrayal). These evildoers may still learn her dharma and be saved by practicing it. Except for those who can't be saved because they have created extremely serious karma by betraying their gurus, everyone can be saved by practicing this dharma. This is the vow of Green Tara.

I saw a record which indicated that just before he attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree, Shakyamuni Buddha attained spiritual union with Green Tara.

Dharma Conforming Vajra and Pure Vajra are the secret names of those who practice Green Tara Dharma. Practitioners are given these names because, after observing all phenomenon, they attain the state of complete non-hindrance. They bestow all merits on sentient beings causing them to be liberated from the ocean of suffering, attain happiness, and, through cultivation, reach supreme attainment and become gloriously radiant and beautiful.

Anyone who desires to be beautiful in future lifetimes can accomplish this by practicing Green Tara Dharma. One can imagine the boundless radiance of Green Tara's body, 84,000 lights flowing from the tuft of seven-treasure-colored hair between the eyebrows, her sitting upon a white lotus dais, and her holding a red lotus. It's very rare to find such magnificence and beauty in the world.

Green Tara made three wishes. The first wish was made in a past lifetime when she was Princess Prajna. Someone asked her, ''Why did you manifest yourself as a female instead of a male?'' Green Tara replied, ''Because there are fewer females saving sentient beings.'' She vowed that she would save sentient beings in the form of a female forever. In other words, she vowed to save sentient while manifesting as a female.

Green Tara's second wish was to protect and support all who are suffering and in difficulty. That is, she vowed to protect and bless all suffering beings. She is also able to subjugate all demons and evil spirits.

Green Tara's third wish was to share Avalokitesvara's burden of saving sentient beings. It was due to the hardship and deep sorrow she endured while saving sentient beings that Avalokiteshvara summoned White and Green Tara, who vowed ''We will help undertake Avalokitesvara's painful burden of saving sentient beings.''

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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