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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Sarasvati

Sarasvati Homa Ceremony 3:00pm Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple followed by the empowerment of all-inclusive Sarasvati Uncommon Practices and the teaching of the Lamdre. (Live Webcast Link: or

【Sarasvati Mudra :】

Extend your left hand and five fingers, and with your left palm facing upwards, place it in front of your chest. With your right palm facing downwards, form a circle using your right thumb and index finger, stretching out your other three fingers evenly as shown below. Position your downward-facing right palm about five inches above your left palm.

【Sarasvati Seed Syllable :】

                 Su (white in color)

【Sarasvati Mantra :】


【Sarasvati Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Sarasvati is pure white with one head and two arms. She has snowy white skin and a pleasing countenance. Her fine black hair is tied in a topknot. She wears celestial garments and a silk skirt. She is in a posture of holding and playing a pipa. Sarasvati sits cross-legged, and has the appearance of a beautiful, sixteen-year-old girl, full of gentleness and grace.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Sarasvati Background and Key Cultivation Formula】

Sarasvati is the goddess of music. She gently holds a pipa in her left hand while playing the most exquisite music with her right hand.

Sarasvati is mentioned in the Goddess of Eloquence of The Sovereign King of Sutras, The Sublime Golden Light. She is also mentioned in the Mahapratisara Sutra and the Vairocana Sutra where she is called Goddess of Eloquence, Exquisite Sounds Buddha Mother, Goddess of Wonderful Sound, Goddess of Exquisite Sounds, Goddess of Wisdom, and Goddess of Skills and Accomplishments. It is stated in the Golden Light Sutra, ''If one recites the Golden Light Sutra, it is certain that Sarasvati will come to bless one.''

Sarasvati, the Goddess of Eloquence, is extremely learned and wise. Eloquence means that the words she speaks are imbued with knowledge that captivates all directions. She is a goddess with magnificent wisdom who is able to bless one with wisdom.

In Japan, Sarasvati is one of the Seven Fortune Gods. She resides in the Great Eloquent Divine Effect Natural Bright and Clean Heaven and abides with buddhas and bodhisattvas in the Supreme Heaven of Eternal Immutability. Because she is a bodhisattva of the ninth ground who will soon attain Buddhahood, her divine status is very high.

In the Great Goddess of Eloquence of the Sovereign King of Sutras, the vow of Sarasvati is stated as follows: At a cultivation venue where people had gathered to listen to Shakyamuni expound the Sovereign King of Sutras, the goddess arose in the midst of the gathering and said to the Buddha, ''If a reverend shall expound this sutra and forgets words or passages of the sutra, then I will assist the reverend with my best wisdom and eloquence full of stately words and speech to remember and be enlightened without any hindrance in dharani. As for the countless sentient beings who hear this sutra, they will obtain unimaginable good fortune and wisdom, eloquence, infinite great wisdom, ability to expound all treatises, and ability at various skills. They will transcend birth and death and quickly attain the ultimate bodhi.''

In Tibetan Buddhism, Manjusri Bodhisattva and Sarasvati are considered the principal deities of great wisdom. Those who cultivate Sarasvati will develop wisdom and strengthen their foundation of good fortune and wisdom. By cultivating this dharma, one will expand one's wisdom, increase one's good fortune, and obtain superior eloquence to defeat all heretical doctrines. Ultimately, one's inherent buddha wisdom will emerge. One will attain Buddhahood and accomplish all the siddhis of Manjusri and Sarasvati.

Upon attainment of spiritual union with Sarasvati, one's voice will become sublime and beautiful, one shall gain ability in debate so that one will be able to convince any person, and people will listen to and accept what one says.

Sarasvati is the goddess of arts and skills, so her hands are highly skillful. Therefore, of the five sciences in ancient India, she belongs to the science of fine arts and crafts. She also belongs to the science of language because she knows multiple languages and has a beautiful voice.

As Sarasvati is highly accomplished in arts and skills, she is known as the goddess of arts, crafts, music and eloquence. By attainment of spiritual union with Sarasvati, one attains spiritual union with any undertaking. One will have unhindered eloquence, one's beautiful sounds will be heard everywhere and one's achievement in arts and skills will outshine heaven.

Those who cultivate Sarasvati Practice will gain ability in debate and have unhindered eloquence.
  1. One's words will flow as swiftly and continuously as a waterfall.
  2. One's skill in debate will be sharp and incisive, full of content, and elegant.
  3. One will be able to quickly and strategically adjust one's debating skill.
  4. One will debate without false premises.
  5. One will have unlimited strength to continue in a debate.
  6. The substance of one's debate will be profound and meaningful.
  7. One's debate gives supreme and ingenious principles.
The beauty of this dharma is: first, increasing one's debating ability; second, increasing one's wardrobe; third, increasing food and drink; and fourth, expanding one's wisdom. In one's present life, this dharma has the benefit of increasing one's lifespan, wealth, and wisdom, thus perfecting one's life.

By cultivating this practice, one will eliminate all harms from evil stars and totally eradicate all disasters, suffering from illness, conflicts, battles, nightmares, evil mantras, poisoning by evil spirits, etc.

One who cultivates this dharma will gain intelligence and wisdom, and have great power to proceed fearlessly. One will be eloquent and world-famous. One will perfectly accomplish all of one's desires, not only one's own desires, but the wishes and desires of others as well. Sarasvati is therefore an exceedingly sublime and wonderful dharma.

As Sarasvati is the Buddha Mother of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha Mother of Manjusri Bodhisattva, and the Buddha Mother of Yamantaka, her origin is extraordinary. She has unlimited wealth and can bestow fortune, virtue, good luck, merit, and wisdom on all beings.

Sarasvati Sadhana

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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