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Book 265, The Home Base of Ghosts


In this book, Grandmaster reveals the secrets inside a home based ghost domain that has been established quietly in northern California of the United States. Who is the commander in chief? Where do all these ghosts come from? How many ghosts are there in her keeping? What havoc have all these ghosts wreaked? Grandmaster explains them clearly so that all readers will understand them.

~ After covering the three lights (Buddha light, spiritual light, and white light), I transformed myself into an ordinary spirit. Through astral travel, I arrived at the camp of the XX House. After entering the Ghost Headquarters, I was shocked to discover that it was actually an ''adjacent hell.'' ~

~ At the ghost mountain, there were golden scorpions, silver scorpions, iron dogs, copper snakes and all kinds of grotesque biting beasts. The ghosts ate the feces and urine left behind by animals as
Food. I asked them, ''Why have you fallen into this adjacent hell?'' The ghosts replied, ''We are helpless! After Ghost-keeper Woman performed bardo deliverance for us, we then entered the adjacent hell in XX House.'' ~

~ Printed on the ghost badge is the image of an ''earth god''. Oh heavens! I finally understood. This explains why some of the monks, nuns, and laymen following Ghost-keeper Woman XX did
not come under attack by the ghosts. They all carry or wear an ''earth god'' talisman. These ''earth god'' talismans have been consecrated and blessed by Ghost-keeper Woman and correspond to these ghost badges.
The ghosts who came to my South-hill Residence were sent by Ghost-keeper Woman XX with the intention to take my life. That night, my guardians, Achala and Mahabala, completely destroyed and killed the invading army. ~

~ Sarasvati appeared and she handed me two ''magic pens''. I shot the two magic pens out and they hit Nakamura's two eyes. With a scream, Nakamura's entire body broke into tiny pieces.
Next it was Watanabe. Watanabe also transformed first into Ghost-keeper Woman, then again into a poisonous dragon.The poisonous dragon opened his mouth to shoot out poisonous flames. The wind of flames rolled over to me. I was forced outside the boundary of demarcation. Without the protection, I was about to be burnt up by the poisonous flames. At this moment, I formed another mudra and chanted another mantra. The eight great naga-kings appeared. Using the ''Tianyi divine water'', the naga-kings put out the poisonous fire. Watanabe turned into a tiny snake and was taken away by the eight naga-kings. All at once I annihilated three ghost leaders. ~

Book 265, The Home Base of Ghosts, will be available for purchase on-site during the two-day ceremony weekend of 8/24/19 - 8/25/19. On the morning of Sun. 8/25, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will be available at Rainbow Temple to autograph Book 265 for readers. Come join this once yearly event and have a lot of fun.

Interested readers who are unable to attend the 8/24-25 ceremonies may contact the following Dadens:After the fall ceremony, these three must-read books will be available for purchase on Amazon. Just search Sheng-yen Lu on Amazon and all Grand Master's books will appear. However, due to shipping costs and availability, ordering from US Daden by email,, may be a better option than Amazon for overseas purchasers other than the three areas listed above.

Disciples who are interested in joining the True Buddha Translation Team - English, please contact the team by email,
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