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Book 258, Vicious Ghosts


Following are some excerpts from the book:
~ It was 3:00 AM on Oct. 3rd, 2016 when I suddenly awoke with my head raised and my mouth open. After I made a loud ''ah'' sound, a Mahabala flew out of my mouth and transformed into millions upon millions of Mahabalas. Additionally, the Acala that formed my Acala boundary protection transformed into millions upon millions of Acalas. A ferocious battle ensued where Mahabala and Acala annihilated countless invading ghosts. I was awake and heard it all clearly. ''Ping Ping, Pong Pong, …'' There was a tremendous clamor like doors blown shut by the wind, ''bang''! ~

~ On the third day, I again stood before the shrine without prostrating.
Once more disciples asked me, ''Why are you not prostrating, Grandmaster?''
I replied with a sigh, ''With the whole shrine occupied by ghosts, how can I prostrate?'' ~

~ Upon entering the temple's main shrine, she was completely taken aback. ''Goodness!'' she exclaimed, ''There are ghosts everywhere!''
Every deity enshrined on the altar had ghosts attached to them.
Shigu Qiandai inquired,
''Was this altar consecrated by Grandmaster Lu?''
An onlooker standing nearby answered, ''No, it was consecrated by XX.'' ~

~ With millions upon millions of ghosts gathered around XX, she was able to engage imperceptibly in ''ghost supernatural power'' through spiritual union with ghosts.

I say:
Spiritual union with a buddha - become a buddha.
Spiritual union with a bodhisattva - become a bodhisattva.

Spiritual union with a ghost - become a ghost.
Does XX even know that her spiritual union is only with ghosts? ~

~ On learning of Hsu Ruiguang's death, XX performed bardo deliverance for her and announced ''Hsu Ruiguang is now a buddha named the Great Wisdom Buddha.'' Reverend Lianxu heard about
this and then passed the announcement to everyone in Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple: ''Hsu Ruiguang is now a buddha by the name of the Great Wisdom Buddha.''
I asked the spirit of Hsu Ruiguang, ''Are you a buddha?''
Hsu Ruiguang smiled bitterly and replied, ''Grandmaster, you know the reality. Can a female suicide ghost ever become a buddha? What an enormous lie by XX!''

It occurred to me that even though the Buddha's mother, Queen Maya, was in Trayastrimsa heaven, the Buddha was still unable to guide her to Buddhahood. If XX has this power, then should I just
kill myself and let XX perform deliverance on me? Then she could announce to everyone ''Grandmaster Lu has become a buddha by the name of the Great Foolish Buddha!'' ~

~ Someone once asked me if there was anything we could do about the notorious XX House, which is full of aggressive and evil ghosts.
I said,
''As long as one's thoughts are righteous, one does not have to fear ghosts and demons.''
They asked further,
''What are righteous thoughts?''
I replied, ''
  1. Being indifferent to fame and fortune.
  2. Cutting off sexual desire.
  3. Not being greedy for money.
  4. Not being gluttonous.
  5. Being free of delusions.
  6. Not being jealous.

''So, what can we do?''
I replied,
''In Vajrayana, one must cultivate protection practices.'' In other words, one must establish protective boundaries.
They asked,
''And how do we cultivate this?''
I replied,
  1. ''The Armor Protection Practice…
  2. The Four-layered Boundary Protection Practice…
  3. The Guanyin Body Shrine Dharma…'' ~
Book 258, Vicious Ghosts, will be available for purchase on-site during the two-day ceremony weekend of 8/24/19 - 8/25/19. On the morning of Sun. 8/25, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will be available at Rainbow Temple to autograph Book 258 for readers. Come join this once yearly event and have a lot of fun.

Interested readers who are unable to attend the 8/24-25 ceremonies may contact the following Dadens:After the fall ceremony, these three must-read books will be available for purchase on Amazon. Just search Sheng-yen Lu on Amazon and all Grand Master's books will appear. However, due to shipping costs and availability, ordering from US Daden by email,, may be a better option than Amazon for overseas purchasers other than the three areas listed above.

Disciples who are interested in joining the True Buddha Translation Team - English, please contact the team by email,
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