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Debut Transmission of Milarepa Uncommon Practice

Great News!
On Aug. 24, 2019, During the Seattle Grand Fall Ceremony,
HH Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Will Debut Transmission of Milarepa Uncommon Principal Deity Practice and
Discourse the Key Cultivation Formula for Raising Inner Fire after Attainment of Spiritual Union with the Personal Deity!!

On the afternoon of May 27, 2019, at the True Buddha Foundation office, Grandmaster discoursed Milarepa's mudra, seed syllable, and mantra as follows:
Mudra: (inner fire shape)
Seed syllable: White Ah
Mantra: Om. ban-za. mi-la-re-pa. kun-da-li-ni. so-ha.

In deep meditation, Living Buddha Lian-sheng paid homage to Patriarch Milarepa and received empowerment and teachings from him. In his corpus, Grandmaster has often praised Milarepa's unshakeable commitment to his vows, his disciplined cultivation through numerous hardships, and his perfect attainment of inner fire.

To truly reveal the Patriarch's sublime conduct, protect the right Dharma, and benefit sentient beings, Grandmaster devoted nine chapters of The Realization of The Guru to countering the evil critique presented in Smashing the Evil and Revealing the Proper : A Critique of the Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa.

Many readers had tears in their eyes while reading Milarepa's biography. Milarepa came from a rich family. When his father passed away, relatives stole the family's wealth. After being cheated in this way, Milarepa had to eat dog food and perform the same labor as cows and horses. He wore torn and shabby clothing, had lice in his hair, and became skeletal. As an adult, following his mother's demand, Milarepa learned spells and black magic for revenge. To remove his karmic hindrances, Marpa, Milarepa's guru, often beat, criticized, and disciplined him. Because of his strong faith, Milarepa was able to endure and carry on.

Milarepa cultivated in the White Rock Horse Tooth cave, a lonely cave in the wilderness of Drakar Taso. For 12 years, he wore ragged clothing and had only nettles for food. Never losing faith in the Buddhist path, he accomplished the inner fire samadhi and attained Buddhahood in his very body. Milarepa's life story and his songs of realization not only contain supreme teachings of Buddhism, but also have inspired the bodhicitta of countless posterity.

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf
Source: TBF
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