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Book 254, The Most Glorious Realization

Book 254, The Most Glorious Realization

~ In my mind, I am not going to hold on to these messy and disorderly things.
Accidental drops are fine.
No accidental drop is also fine.
The past will not come back, the now will become the past, and the future has not yet arrived!
Nothing truly exists. (There is nothing gained and nothing lost.) ~

~ I:
Have no gain or loss.
What remains is just the Buddha-essence from before the beginning of time.
What is ''fully loaded'' is the Buddha-essence.
Not a heap of papers. ~

~ I have understood:
When I die, I cannot take a dime with me. There is not a single item I can take with me.
No extravagance.
Only nirvana and stillness. ~

~ Dharma teacher Master Sheng-yen of Dharma Drum Mountain wrote a poem before passing away, and the last sentence was:
''Both birth and death can be discarded.''
I have altered it to:
''There is neither birth nor death to discard.''
Because I have realized that life is in reality without birth or death. People who believe there is birth and death have not reached enlightenment. ~

~ What I would like to tell everyone is this:
Infinite secret power originates from an infinite heart of compassion, an infinite vow of compassion, an infinite sincerity, an infinite affability, an infinite Buddha-essence, and an infinite vast spaciousness. ~

~Let me tell everyone:
In the human world, I only have love and no hatred!
Because I have no enemies, I have no need to fight or scheme against others.
I have realized:
People who have affinity with me are my fathers from past lives, mothers from past lives, family members from past lives, benefactors from past lives, relatives and friends from past lives, students from past lives, karmic enemies and creditors from past lives...
I am here to pay a debt of gratitude!
I am here to untie the knot of enmity!
I am here to neutralize the karma!
All of these are just momentary, illusory manifestations, insubstantial, and do not truly exist. ~

Book 254, The Most Glorious Realization, will be available for purchase on site during the two-day ceremony weekend of 9/8 and 9/9. On the morning of 9/9, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will be at Rainbow Temple to autograph this book for readers. Come join this once yearly event and have a lot of fun.

Interested readers who are unable to attend the ceremonies in person, please contact US Daden by email,

Disciples who are interested in joining the True Buddha Translation Team - English, please contact the team by email,
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