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Book 196, Refreshing Messages

Book 196, Refreshing Messages

~ This book was written to answer sentient beings' questions. There weren't any problems originally, but once asked by sentient beings, it seems there are lots of problems.

Therefore, I am ''someone of no matters,'' answering questions that ''are not matters.''

Following are some examples of many questions answered by Grandmaster in the book:
  • Is Buddhadharma just about doing good deeds?
  • How to identify a great, virtuous spiritual guide?
  • Where did one come from? Where will one go? What is one's life about?
  • How does one become happy?
  • Is Padmakumara real or just fantasy?
  • Is buddha an ''alien?''
  • To practice cultivation, must we become vegetarians?
  • The answer to ''true suchness''
  • Which mountain is Mount Sumeru?
  • What is ''enlightenment?''
And more…

Book 196, Refreshing Messages, will be available for purchase on site during the two-day ceremony weekend of 9/8 and 9/9. On the morning of 9/9, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will be at Rainbow Temple to autograph this book for readers. Come join this once yearly event and have a lot of fun.

Interested readers who are unable to attend the ceremonies in person, please contact US Daden by email,

Disciples who are interested in joining the True Buddha Translation Team - English, please contact the team by email,
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