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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Humsvaranadinitara

On Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017, 3:00pm, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Humsvaranadinitara Homa Ceremony, bestow empowerment of Humsvaranadinitara Uncommon Practice, and discourse Lamdre. (Live Webcast Link: or )

【Humsvaranadinitara Mudra :】

Interlace the fingers of both hands inwards; place the middle fingers upright touching and point the index fingers apart. Touch the thumbs lightly against the middle fingers. Hold the mudra in front of your chest.

【Humsvaranadinitara Seed Syllable :】

【Humsvaranadinitara Mantra :】


【Humsvaranadinitara Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Humsvaranadinitara is yellow in color with one head and two arms. She has incomparably beautiful facial features and the appearance of a sixteen-year-old girl. Her right hand forms the Wish-fulfilling Mudra while the left hand holds a lotus. A bow and arrow are above the lotus.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Humsvaranadinitara Background and Key Cultivation Formula】
In the Green Tara (21 Taras) series, Humsvaranadinitara occupies the 5th position.

The source of Green Tara is Atisha, who travelled from India to Sri Lanka and on to Jambi, Indonesia to visit Serlingpa. Atisha studied under Guru Serlingpa for about 10 years. From Serlingpa, Atisha learned the generation of bodhicitta and many other practices, the most important of which was the Green Tara Practice. Atisha brought the Green Tara Practice back to India and Tibet. This is the origin of the Green Tara Practice.

Green Tara emerged from a teardrop of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva when Avalokitesvara shed tears of great compassion for sentient beings. The Taras are therefore the same series as Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta.

Humsvaranadinitara's mudra is the mudra of mother tantra. Humsvaranadinitara's mantra is 「om。da-la。dou-da-la。dou-la。hum。so-ha。」Note that Humsvaranadinitara's mantra is Green Tara's mantra with the addition of a ''hum'' syllable, and the ''hum'' syllable should be pronounced with extra emphasis.

The most important element of the Humsvaranadinitara Practice is the visualization. How does one visualize? One visualizes a ''hum'' syllable appearing in empty space. The ''hum'' revolves and transforms into Humsvaranadinitara above one's crown. Humsvaranadinitara then enters into one's body and enlarges to exactly the same size as one. Instantly, one transforms into Humsvaranadinitara. From this moment on, one may begin to cultivate all the Humsvaranadinitara practices.

One first visualizes a white Sanskrit ''om'' syllable, which symbolizes the entire universe, appearing in the void. The ''om'' syllable is inhaled through the nostrils into the central channel. It then descends onto the sun disc within the eight-petalled lotus in one's heart chakra. Push and hold down the ''om'' syllable with the breath, contract the anus while lifting upwards, and exhale the ''om'' syllable through the central channel.

Next, visualize a red Sanskrit ''ah'' syllable appearing in the void. Inhale the ''ah'' syllable in the same way as the ''om'' syllable. Push and hold down the ''ah'' syllable with the breath, contract the anus while lifting upwards, then exhale the ''ah'' syllable through the central channel.

The third visualization is a blue ''hum'' syllable appearing in the void. One inhales the blue ''hum'' syllable while visualizing the ''hum'' descending onto a sun disc in the center of the lotus within one's heart chakra. Push and hold down the ''ah'' syllable with the breath, contract the anus while lifting upwards, and hold the breath. Visualize the blue ''hum'' syllable changing color to yellow. The yellow ''hum'' syllable transforms into Humsvaranadinitara who gradually enlarges to exactly the same size as one. Instantly, one transforms into Humsvaranadinitara. Next visualize a yellow ''hum'' syllable appearing atop the sun disc within the lotus in the heart chakra of the Humsvaranadinitara transformed from oneself. One may now perform karma practices.

《Enrichment》Visualize someone whom one wishes to win the lottery or become wealthy appearing in front of one. If one cannot visualize the person clearly, one may hold the person's photograph and look at the person. Next, one exhales yellow enriching ''hum'' syllables which stick all over the person. Finally one loudly exclaims a last ''hum!'' The person then transforms into a yellow ''hum'' syllable. This is enrichment dharma for increasing a person's provisions and wealth. This dharma can be performed on oneself also.

《Calamity Eradication》 Humsvaranadinitara Practice can eradicate calamities, cure sickness, ensure safe driving, etc. Utilizing the same aforementioned method, one visualizes white ''hum'' syllables stuck all over oneself or someone else.

《Love and Respect》Use red ''hum'' syllables to enhance love and respect. One visualizes the other party embracing oneself. This dharma will be effective only when practiced properly. One can apply this dharma to one's supervisor so that one's work will go smoothly and one's salary will be increased. It is also very effective for candidates who wish to be elected, entertainers who desire to become famous, etc.

《Subjugation》Blue ''hum'' syllables remove obstacles, cause enemies to go away, or influence opponents to listen to one.

By cultivating Humsvaranadinitara, everything will be auspicious and as wished for. One can fulfill all one's wishes and have success in all one's undertakings. Not only can this practice be applied to oneself, ''hum'' syllables can also be stuck on residences to create protective boundaries, for purification, etc. The ''hum'' syllables can also be stuck on a country to protect the country, make the people prosperous, and cause the weather to be favorable as well. The benefits of this practice are wide-ranging and it's easy to attain spiritual union with Humsvaranadinitara.

Here are a few examples: when yellow ''hum'' syllables are stuck onto a house, the house transforms into a most excellent ''yang residence'' which increases wealth and good fortune. When white ''hum'' syllables are stuck onto a residence, those residing there will be extraordinarily healthy and strong. By sticking red ''hum'' syllables on a residence, the family residing there will be harmonious and happy. By sticking blue ''hum'' syllables on a residence, there will be boundary protection. No black magic can disturb the household and no ghost can enter the residence.

Humsvaranadinitara Practice includes a preliminary practice which must be performed. The preliminary practice is followed by visualization, mantra recitation, and entering samadhi. After the visualization, one recites this mantra:
om。da-la。dou-da-la。dou-la。hum。 (raising your voice up) so-ha。」「om。da-la。dou-da-la。dou-la。hum。so-ha。」One raises one's voice for emphasis when pronouncing the ''hum'' syllable.

One first visualizes. The mantra is recited after visualization. One then enters samadhi. One entering samadhi is ''Right Concentration,'' which is what I have been discussing.

Upon finishing samadhi, one emerges and praises Humsvaranadinitara by reciting the praise verse. How to praise her? Since praise verses are man-made, one can just thank Humsvaranadinitara directly from one's own heart for whatever one wants to thank her for.

Finally, there is dismissal using the Dismissal Mudra. In Vajrayana, a ''Departure Carriage'' is used to send off a deity. In the Humsvaranadinitara Practice, we send the deity back to where she came from on a cloud departure carriage, which is the so-called Departure Carriage. One completes the cultivation session when one has sent the principal deity back to the deity's original heaven.

Mar. 26, 2017 Dharma Talk - Humsvaranadinitara
Humsvaranadinitara Sadhana

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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