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True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Vajravarahi

On Sunday, Sep. 1, 2019, 3:00 pm, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Vajravarahi Homa Ceremony, discourse Lamdre, and bestow empowerment for the Vajravarahi Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link:

【Vajravarahi Mudra :】

Interlace the fingers of both hands inward. Extend the middle fingers with the fingertips touching. Extend and tilt the index fingers away from each other. Place thumbs side by side then lightly press the ring fingers.

【Vajravarahi Seed Syllable :】


【Vajravarahi Mantra :】
  1. 「om。Duo-jie-pa-mu。 So-ha。」
  2. 「om。Duo-jie-pa-mu。 Hum-pei。So-ha。」

【Vajravarahi Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

Vajravarahi has the body of an exquisite young girl. She has one face, two arms, three wide-open round eyes, frowning eyebrows, fangs, and a countenance that is wrathful yet smiling. She is red in color, naked, and in a dancing position. She has a willowy waist, full round breasts, and a gracefully curving figure. She wears necklaces of human bone, and her hair is adorned with human skulls embellished with flowers and bells. Red flames surround her, making her look very gorgeous.

Her right leg is bent and hanging in midair. Her left foot tramples a corpse atop a sun-moon disc on a lotus flower. Her entire body radiates brilliant red light that shines everywhere. Her hair stands up straight and she wears a crown with five skulls. On one side of her head, Vajravarahi has another head which looks like a sow. Since hai [in the twelve earthly branches] corresponds to sow [in Chinese zodiac animals], Vajravarahi is called ''Hai-mu'' [in Chinese].

Vajravarahi holds up a vajra kartika with her right hand. Her left hand in front of her chest holds a kapala (a cup made from a human skull) full of fresh blood. Inwardly on her left shoulder, Vajravarahi holds a celestial staff majestically decorated with a vajra scepter and three human heads. The staff is also called a khatvanga.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk - Vajravarahi Background and Key Cultivation Formula】

Vajravarahi, also known as Dorje Pakmo, is the leader and grand chief of dakinis. Living Buddha Lian-Sheng has long been invoking Vajravarahi in his daily practice. Living Buddha Lian-Sheng's inner fire meditation is the Vajravarahi Inner Fire Meditation.

Vajravarahi is the root dakini and the dharma companion of Living Buddha Lian-sheng. Vajravarahi has made a great vow, promising to be the dharma companion of all practitioners. Vajravarahi, Nairatmya, etc., are the deities that help Vajrayana practitioners become enlightened.

A Prayer of Supplication to Vajravarahi
Sincerely invoke Vajravarahi
To be my Vajra Guru
Nourish my lotus palace
And help me quickly attain Buddhahood
May I have longevity
And save sentient beings universally

The three deities, Simhamukha, Padmasambhava, and Vajravarahi, have formidable and unlimited power. They all share the same origin and hold a khatvanga, which is also called a celestial staff. The three skulls on a khatvanga represent greed, anger, and ignorance. The three skulls also represent the three bodies: dharma body, enjoyment body, and emanation body. Holding a celestial staff symbolizes authority. The khatvanga is also an emanation of Vajravarahi.

Simhamukha has great power. The master above Simhamukha is Vajravarahi. Holding the highest, most supreme position above Vajravarahi is Prajnaparamita. All dakinis branch out from Prajnaparamita. The commander-in-chief of all dakinis is therefore Prajnaparamita. Most of the dakinis and dharma companions helping sentient beings are emanations of Vajravarahi. Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava standing next to Padmasambhava are emanations of Vajravarahi.

Vajravarahi's fire can eliminate all karmic illnesses and at the same time increase sentient being's good fortune, love, and respect. She is also the primary deity for subjugating evil.

Vajravarahi is the overall leader of all dakinis. All acharyas should be at the second level of empowerment and cultivating qi, channels, and light drops. Cultivation of qi, channels and light drops requires Vajravarahi because Vajravarahi is the principal deity for cultivating Inner Fire Meditation. She is like radiant flames in one's navel chakra. One cannot accomplish Inner Fire Meditation without Vajravarahi.

Let me tell you something else. In the history of Tibetan Buddhism, all Living Buddhas have been male except for one and she was an emanation of Vajravarahi.
Vajravarahi practices include Vajravarahi Fist, Vajrvarahi 27 Fist Positions, and Vajravarahi 108 Fist Positions. These practices are methods to guide one's qi. In essence, these practices help stimulate the circulation of qi. The practices of non-leakage, inner fire, and light drops are guided by body mudra. The deity Vajravarahi is therefore the overall principal deity of all Vajrayana yogis who cultivate inner fire.

Many dakinis emanate from Vajravarahi. Whether one cultivates internal or external practices, Vajravarahi can be one's principal deity. The Nyingma school, in fact, all the Tibetan schools, highly respect and venerate Vajravarahi.

Vajravarahi represents fire and the short ''ah'' syllable. She stands on the Triangle Palace (Dharma Generating Palace) located in the practitioner's lower dantian. The short ''ah'' syllable transforms into Vajravarahi, who then ignites the inner fire of the practitioner. Through the dharma power of Vajravarahi redness, heat, and light are generated. The inner fire ignited by Vajravarahi opens the practitioner's central channel. This is Vajravarahi Inner Fire Meditation.

Vajravarahi belongs to Mother Tantra. In the Tripitaka, Father Tantra scriptures belong to expedient means whereas Mother Tantra scriptures belong to wisdom. Vajravarahi therefore represents Mother Tantra.

The main inner fire is located four fingers beneath the navel in the Dharma Generating Palace which is triangular and blue. According to Vajrayana teachings, a person's natural body temperature is 37C. Where is the origin of the bodily heat? It originates from the area four fingers below the navel.

The Dharma Generating Palace is visualized as two triangles head to head on each other with a dot of inner fire at the center point. The inner fire transforms into Vajravarahi who then transforms into inner fire. This is the key cultivation formula of the visualization. The inner fire is visualized as a horizontal line with a curved line going up like this (Grandmaster demonstrates). The inner fire is located at the center point of the two triangles. The inner fire transforms into Vajravarahi followed by her transformation into inner fire.

As the light, redness, and heat of the inner fire increase, one can raise or lower the inner fire. When raised up to the heavenly court water (bodhicitta moon fluid), the fire will dissolve the water which then descends. As the water and fire merge and become one source, the meditation occurring is called Inner Fire Meditation.

Vajravarahi can purify the central channel, all chakras, such as the five or seven chakras, and light drops with inner fire. Vajrayana states that while Vajravarahi is purifying one's qi, one is transforming into the emanation body. When Vajravarahi is purifying one's central channel, she is purifying one's enjoyment body. When Vajravarahi purifies one's light drops, one will transform into the dharma body. Vajravarahi is capable of purifying the dharma, enjoyment, and emanation bodies.

Vajravarahi is the yogini of all Vajrayana practitioners and the principal deity for the practice of central channel, inner fire, light drops, non-leakage, and so forth.

Transformation into brilliant light is the essence of our cultivation practice. As one's qi burns, it transforms into inner fire. The inner fire in turn burns the light drops. The inner fire continuously ascends and burns the light drops that are increasing continuously throughout one's entire body. This burning transforms into fiery light which radiates out through one's skin pores. Ultimately, one's body transforms into brilliant light. This is the rainbow light transformation of the Great Perfection. As this transformation is guided in its entirety by Vajravarahi, she is a deity of extreme importance.

Vajravarahi is the root of emptiness and bliss. Her merits are as follows:
  1. Complete elimination of afflictions and attainment of inherent wisdom.
  2. The regulation and softening of one's qi and channels leading to the enlightenment of non-extinction.
  3. Subjugation of all evil and all enemies in the ten dharma realms.
Dorje Pakmo is another name for Vajravarahi. ''Dorje'' is namely ''Vajra'' and ''Pakmo'' is namely ''Varahi.'' Her mantra is categorized as a ''name'' mantra, ''Om。 duo-jie-pa-mu。 hum-pei。 so-ha。'' The meaning of this mantra is ''to strengthen and fully utilize her power.'' The meaning of ''hum-pei'' is ''to optimize her power.'' The meaning of ''so-ha'' is ''accomplishment.'' The meaning of Vajravarahi's ''name'' mantra is therefore ''Vajravarahi arising within the universe, please optimize your power to bring all things to complete perfection.''

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Aug. 25, 2013 Dharma Talk - Vajravarahi is Capable of Purifying Trikaya of Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya

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